May. 25th, 2002

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okay so I was VERY naughty and instead of doing the copious amounts of work I was going to do yeterday afternoon after leaving the thesis-methods tutorial early...

instead I went to peel st studios with friends, bummed around, broke a computer, because the 'wacom graphics tablet salesperson' for the zillionth time (I WILL convert everyone yet!! MUHAHAHAHAAA!) and then partook in a long debarcle involving qudsia... ::laughs::

so me and bec just went to afternon tea, came home and I fixed some lofty intricacy shite (and got started on the xeni contest awards, everyone say OOOOOOOOOOOOOh!!) adn then invited my cousin over for the evening, organised with qudsi and bruce to come over for dinner - and to fix my bloody scanner!! YAY BRUCE!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! - and then turned down a 'beer adventure' with the work dudes... how depressing, beer adventure sounded brilliant...

but anyway I ended up cooking my trademark 'everything AND the kitchen sink pasta' and we pigged out and did NO work... ::laughs:: so this morning I was supposed to get up at nine and work on bec's online cv and portfolio with her... uhuh, I got up at around 11, and I can hear bec getting up for a shower right now...

*goes to change the channel away from the evil 'better ideas' tv show*

so I've made enough pasta sauce to last us several fortnights, so GUESS WHAT I'M EATING FOR BREAKFAST!??! ;)

okay, things to do, resume's to assist upon, worlds to be conquered etc...


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