May. 27th, 2002


May. 27th, 2002 12:53 am
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so I'm hyper but SOOOOOOO uninspired!! I'm trying to hink of a layout etc to do for nevaron and am coming up with NOTHING that I want to go through with!!

everything seems SOO expected to me and I really can't be bothered unless it's mind blowing, but I want to be simple and just html, and the more plain text the better, but it has to be brilliant and and and...

I've even gone against my OWN principles and tried using frames (the most hated of the BAD inventions of lucifer) and even LAYERS for gods sake!! OHMIGOD talk about crossing your own moral standards!!

GAH!! weirdy enough though I'm in a really good mood and I've done a CRAPLOAD of mock ups of the new label I'm doing for "lulu's garden" spice blend company. AND I'm actually happy with them, believe it or not! ::laughs::

we did the 'spice shelf test' and got a bunch of spices and herb bottles etc and lined them all up with mine and decided that mine did stand out etc and were very buyable so YAY! ::laughs::
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I have such a low attention span...

I get to uni - an HOUR late - I walk in the door and I get asked if I want to go for coffee, so of course I say yes, HELLO ::laughs:: and anyway half an hour later, I get back and get to level three - honours level - and immeadiately "BORED NOW..."

my god...

so I don't think the cat is allowed in my room EVER again, because SOMETHING bit the crap out of me last night, I've got bites on my chin, under my chin, across my hands and around my neck and bust... if I didn't know better a tonne of mini horny vampires came into my room last night and had a feeding frenzy...

I WANT THIS ALBUM!!! Michelle brought in "Since I Left YOU" by the Avalanches... I can't believe that I still don't own this!! GAH!!

so I've thought up a few new gimmicks and design things that I want to do for my livejournal to get my creative design juices flowing each week, but I need everyone who reads my journal to do ONE thing for me:

name one random object

and then I'm going to do something with that, but in the mean time, I need people's suggestions! ;)

can't wait to see what people write...


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