Jul. 15th, 2002


Jul. 15th, 2002 10:58 pm
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is spike about to rape buffy!??!

what the hell is giong on?!?!

*freaks out*
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I have a nose bleed


Jul. 15th, 2002 11:11 pm
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okay so this is ALL weird!!

and uncalled for I think!!

what the HELL is going on in buffy?!?!

*tries DESPERATELY not to read the spoilers*
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end of season!! what the hell is going on!??!?!


I knew about it, but I wasn't expecting it now, EEEEEEK!!

NOO! does this mean angel season stops wednesday!??!

what am I supposed to do if the season ends now!?!?!

AAAAAAAAAAARGH!! when does the new season start!??! PULLEASE SOON!!!
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ran off and stole this from andrew ([livejournal.com profile] junk_boy)

if you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
um, in an elite suburb really close to the central cdb of a really beautiful city... not exactly sure where... ::laughs:: I like my city life ;)

what's your favourite article of clothing?

favourite physical feature of the opposite sex?
um... good question! ::laughs:: a finely honed six-pack... *drools at the thought* okay, yep that's got to be it... either that or its all (how cliched is THIS) about the eyes...

what's the last cd that you bought?
um... ah... Winter Chill 5 I think...

where's your favourite place to be?
good question!! ::laughs:: anywhere where I can dance my heart out to good music, where I can giggle as much as I want, and spend quality time with my friends... or in front of my computer watching good tv! ::laughs::

where's your least favourite place to be?
um, in a country that DOESN'T play buffy and angel on tv... ::giggles:: what brought that comment on?? BUFFY IS ON NOW!!!

what's your favourite place to be massaged?
um, massages usually hurt me. I don't know why but they usually sting... I often HAVE to have them because I'm just in too much pain, but I know that they're good and I feel better afterwards, but while they're happening I'm usually trying REALLY hard not to scream... one of my flatmates doesn't like giving me a massage because of the pained expressions I pull and the whimpering noises i make...

although the other night qudsi gave me a massage whilst I lay down on my stomach and for the first time it DIDN'T hurt, and was soooooooo good... I was really sore in the morning though... ::laughs::

what's most important, strong in mind or strong in body?
both. why one or the other??

what time do you wake in the morning?
TOTALLY depends on where I am and what day of the week it is and whether or not my cat is at my window SCREEECHING at me at 4:30am or not... damn cat...

what's your favourite kitchen appliance?
um, my electric wok, as bought from bec... I LOVE it and cook almost EVERYTHING in it...

what makes you really angry?
people not giving a damn about other peoples stuff, and not paying attention when something REALLY pisses someone else off... and people lying, I can't STAND it when people are BLATANT liars...

if you could play any instrument, what would it be?
I CAN play piano/organ (albeit crappily these days, I'm totally out of practice) but I think either the cello (QUDSI!! no remarks about big things between my legs!! *giggles* {-- just had to get in first ^_~) or the marimba.. I know, the marimba is weird, but I like to hit things ;)

favourite color?
the colour, as my cousin professes, of sexual frustration = purple
followed by guava green, burgundy/maroon, blue, red and black... my wardrobe basically...

which do you prefer, sports car or suv?
okay, who ISN'T going to pick sprtscar?? a big.. sleek... sexy one...
yes i know, it isn't natural to lust after cars... ::laughs::

do you believe in afterlife?

favourite children's book
I don't think I have one... I used to have many... I can't think of one off the top of my head... I used to read pollyanna over and over...

what is your favourite season? spring, summer, fall, or winter?
WINTER!! LURVE the fashion and it's soooooo much easier to get warm than it is to get cold... ;)

what's your least favourite household chore?
erm... that's a hard one... um... cleaning tha bathroom after a huge party?? ::laughs::

if you could have one super power, what would it be?
yeesh! erm... well its a running joke that I would choose being able to kill people with a kiss and they'd die happy... ::giggles:: erm... erm... erm... um... GAH does being able to eat as much junk-food as possible 24/7 and stay amazingly toned count as a super power?? ;)

do u have a tattoo, what is it?
nope, I couldn't do it, I can't stand teeny tiny moles on my skin - I can count how many I have on my body on one hand and I STILL can't stand them - so do you think I could handle a whole tattoo?? I'd be like "EWWWWWW!! blemish!!" and try and rub at it all the time!

can you juggle?

the one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to?
erm, that gorgeous man in the library?? *laughs* I think my grandfather on my dad's side. everyone always says what an amazing human being he was, and I only have one memory of him, so I'd dearly love to meet and talk with him, find out what kind of person he was...

what's your favourite day?
um... my birthday?? ::laughs:: nope I hate my birthday... *giggles* okay well it's a love/hte relationship... um... I answered wednesday in a nother quiz, cause angel is on, but if it's the last episode on wednesday WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?!?

what's in the trunk of your car?
i don't have a car - well I do, but it's not in the city with me.., the last time I checked it was still full of art supplies and stuff I lugged home from high school all those years ago...

which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger?

what is your dream job?
being a film critic and getting paid for it, being PAID to see film and give my opinion.. my GOD I would love that... apart from that I'm sorta doing my dream job...

what is your biggest dream?
as in the martin luther king jr kind of scale of 'dream' ??? um... um...
*gets all ditzy looking*
world peace??
to be thin???
I have no idea?? to be a ragingly successful graphic/web designer, and help all my cousins in the philippines?? to be able to bring my cousin aldae to australia so she can study medicine here??

what would you name your next child? boy & girl?
qudsi just asked me this over breakfast the otehr morning... for a girl, probably Zade (prnounced Zah-dee, and sorta short for scheherazade, or atleast that's where I got teh idea for it from...) and for a boy, um, I LOVE the name ethan, always have, but too many people are called that these days...

what is your favourite feature about yourself?
physical feature?? my lips, my eyes, my hair... pick one on varying days...

what is your favourite time of the day?
play time! ::laughs:: that hardly ever occurs though...

how many "real, true, stand by you no matter what, be there when you need them" friends do you have?
a lot I think... or atleast I have that many people that I love and would be for like that in return... they know who they are...


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