Aug. 12th, 2002

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I did NOT mention my fantabulous cousin, mr [ profile] monotonehell, popping over for a VERY short time before scooting off to a friend of his.

yes I WAS guilty of playing tag team ffx and pm2 with tim...

I confess it...

he DID bring Q's present, which is at this moment sitting near my phone in my bedroom... unguarded... as I am not home...

in fact I am sitting at work, lamenting the loss of milo in the coffee room at work.


but in the meantime, last nights ticket stub from dirty deeds:
dirty deeds why oh WHY did the chick rip off the side that said what the film was??

you may also note, i got in for FREE!!! YAY! *rejoice!*

on a slightly more depressing (opressing/ weirdly refreshing..?) note, I'm currently working on the pgsa website which at the moment looks like this:


but greg has given me basically carte blanche control, 'a blank canvas' as it were...

so hopefully I can think of SOMETHING to do other than that microsoft clip art image that has become their logo...

*runs in terror*


Aug. 12th, 2002 02:59 pm
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well, lunch mission was an oddy - sort of disjointed somehow, not helped by timus who was clearly out of it, nor by q chick who seemed even more so...

after splitting up from q and heading up to myers (in order to abort buying dvd's mission as all the good ones were gone) and then to the abc shop (and aborting all missions from the rediculously huge prices) we saw q STILL standing in red earth, looking completely zoned...

silly girl!! *pats qudsi on the head*

I just rang her, apparently she should be on a bus now... it remains to be seen...

BUT there was light at the end of the tunnel!!

I decided I'd pop into portmans and just grab a pair of jeans cause I know they fit me like a dream so trying on was not an issue, but I saw a rack of pants on sale as well and went VOILA!! wicked!! so I bought a pair of titanium flared pants and a black and brown pair of pinstripes as well...

mmmmm... yummy...

so Q!! there you go, berate tim cause you told him not to let me buy more than one set of clothes, but come ON!! $30 off people!! ::laughs::

*is yummed out by her new pant buying expedition*

ah, to be reduced to such simple pleasures... tis bliss!


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