Sep. 5th, 2002

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okay, we haev no potatoes and no onion and no bread...

I put the deliciously yummy soup that I've had just cooking and re cooking since we made it (what was that q..? monday.???) but I'm so out of it with brain malfunction (thankyou [ profile] junk_boy for that term! it is sooo useful and EXACTLY says what is wrong with me! *laughs*) but anyway, I'm so out of it that I put it on to heat up and then passed out on my bed, half an hour later I wake up and the house is full of smoke...

SO I've burned the last of the delicious soup, and all i really have left to eat i sausages with sauce... ::laughs::

I'm gonna make a bowl of tomatoes and lettuce with french dressing in a it to try and temper all this meat...

is this episode of stargate supposed to be this sepia..? it's sorta nice..? actualy this is actually a fairly good episode, but I thought it had already gone to shite..?

me = soooo tired... gotta get this bit of work done and then to bed early methinks...


Sep. 5th, 2002 08:34 pm
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I nearly had a heart attack casue I thought ten weeks had gone by since 24 started here, and then I realised that they've been having two episodes a week here at the moment...

*breathes a sigh of relief*

I didn't THINK that added up, but it was SOOO scary if it had!!


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