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and that means you you adelaidean peoples!! *grins*

in order to raise money for my honours year final exhibition, we've managed to scam our way into holding the opening of the BRILLIANT anime film "metropolis" at the nova cinema, this wednesday fortnight.

if anyone (or anyone you know) is at all vaguely familiar with the film, the 1927 classic original version, is an an anime fan, likes good cinema (or just really liks me so want's to support a good cause *bats eyelids*) then ring/send me on an email ( - without the metropolis bit of course ^_~) so we can organise for you to come buy a ticket or three from me, as I have them with me as I speak *beams*

if you want to know more about the film, you could do one of two things:

ask me about it and hear loads of unintelligable gush (I've been waiting for this film to open for about a year and a half)


check out the film's official website here:

the tickets can be pre-purchased from the nova, or from me, but will not be available on the night.

the cost is
$10 for students &$13 for adults

opening night is
wednesday 18th september

and will be screening at

wine will be sold on the night and we believe we will be supplying either free or very cheap yummy home made popcorn, among other treats (well, this is the plan at any rate).

hope everyone is interested, and will come to support a good cause, see some really good cinema, and in good company


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