May. 20th, 2002

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okay so my mind has just been BUZZING the last twenty four hours!! ::laughs::

no idea what's gotten into me but I've been thinking of a million and one things in the world, especially (well especially when dealing with live journal worlds) about exactly WHAT one should post here... I had a huge convo with mandra online yesterday about elfwood as I was thinking about getting an elfwood account (something I've been thinking of nigh on about four years now, LOL!!!) but apparently you have to pass a test to be able to be legitimate to get one, because of their screening process etc...

this got me thinking, WHAT do you post here?? I mean it's a public arena, anyone who gets the URL can read this here, and so you can't REALLY vent, unless you have stuff set to private etc etc etc, I mean what if I went on and on and on about how one particular person annoyed me or something like that, but didn't say it to their face, and then they got online and read it via my journal... THAT could cause more trouble than it's WORTH!!

whoa, rant rant rant rant... LOL

hrrmmmm... things to remember:
4000th dh post found doll gift for Kelly - ichabod
5000th dh post found doll gift for Pez - boba fett??? hrrmmmzz...

I thought up a BRILLIANT one for the second gift but I CAN'T remember it!! I thought it up last night as I was going to bed, but I'd just been watching Emma and my head filled up with stuff... GAH!!

hopefully I'll have time to do work tomorrow night, freelance list:

fix scanner - scan images for bodyofart and send the originals back to sarah
halepeno peppers and logo (change image) for lulu's garden
contact james and ask what he's after now, give mark a big virtual hug


oh, and have those visuals for ths SA School of Art ready...
wednesday night?? oh crap, what if glen is still over...

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okay, so I've been challenged by multiple friendly type friends in the last lot of paint splodges to STOP using '...' as I DO use it too much... {- GAH!! I used it then!!

so I'm going to STOP using '...' and see if I can use something else, this is EXACLTY the sort of thing qudsia complains about when I say 'and then this happens and blah, blah, blah"

blah, blah, blah = ...


so, the LJ challenge, STOP USING '...' LOL!!
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okay, so I thought I'd take a couple of those tests, you know, the clique kind, and I took the sorting hat and got this:

Where do YOU belong?

HOW COULD THIS BE!??!?!?! at the actual harry potter site, I've taken the sorting hat test a few times and ALWAYS get griffindor!! how rude!! ::laughs::

I also took this cool cool cool anime based one, cause you know, I'm an anime freak ;)

I LOVE IT!! ::grins:: and yes, yes I am... ;)

oh, and just for good measure:

Which PPG are you?

I LOVE THAT I'm BUBBLES!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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okay, so I've started posting in my pbem rpg ( again, let's see how long THIS lasts... ::Laughs:: it was a depressing, depressing post:

NRPG: yes yes I know, long time no see, but good old mark put a
pleading email in my inbox and everyone knows I can't refuse him when
he begs ;)

(Londar - Toivoa - Jentiah - Day 21 - 19:10)

Jentiah lay on a plush chaise lounge - a gift to her from the
harbourmaster - with blankets wrapped tightly around her.

She was sweating and partially delerious; images of others she knew
and loved sweeping in and out of her vision just as tangibly as the
room and objects around her. Not really knowing what was going on
from hour to hour...

Jonah had been gone for a while. Apprentices at the Yellow Dancer had
brought him around to his adoptive mother when they had heard of her
illness - to lift her spirits. But Jentiah had cried at ths sight of
him and although the little nine year old had tried to cheer her up
with flowers and trinkets, his sweetness only made Jentiah weep more
so he had snuck off somewhere after jentiah's cook had assured him it
wasn't him that made his mother sad.

But now, all alone in such a large house, the aroma of herbs and
poultices filing her nostrils, Jentiah felt abandoned and old. Her
legs pained her more and more and no matter how much she tried she
could not find a comfortable position. She could not remember a time
in all her years that she had ever been in so much pain.

Moving to sit up, Jentiah cried out. Her blankets made her sweat
more, and she felt as though she would vomit with every step, but she
somehow managed to make it to the window ledge and look out over her
city. The damage and devastation was acute, but it was sobering to
her that her city would be in the same state as she.

Whatever was wrong with her, it had been done to her whilst she had
been in the Yellow Mage's hold, whomever his acolyte had been had done
something no mortal had been able to do yet, and that was hurt her.
many had tried to injure, even kill her in the past, but this was the
first time any such attempt had had any lasting effects.

She slid down the wall to the floor in tears, just as Jonah came
bursting into the room, soot spread over his clothes and face.
Jentiah looked up at him, tears of pain in her eyes, and she held out
her arms, into which Jonah fled immeadiately. She held him to her
tightly as she wept...

what was to become of any of them?

nrpg: depressing enough a re-entrance for you?? ;)

mark sent me a long long pleading email that asked me to start posting again seeing that him dangling slayer cd's in my face didn't seem to have an effect ::Laughs:: I know he'd send them to me anyway, he loves me *winks like crazy*

I've just got to say I LOVE those m&m commercials!! COOL STUFF!!

argh!! my cousin just sent me a REALLY horrid pun from a bad bad tv show on the abc right now:
Andy says:
GAW 'El Nombre' so sad and the voicing is so embaresing
Nett says:
Andy says:
haven't you seen it - ABC bad stop animation - all voiced by one woman - all bad and rude Mexican voices
Nett says:
I don'tthink so... atleast if I have I've screened it..
Andy says:
'El Nombre' is a mexican super hero - also is Spanish for "the name" lame
Nett says:
Andy says:
Juan: Is it a Ghost?
El Nobre: No I dont theenk it is one ... Juan
Juan's Mum: Dont be silly little Juan
Nett says:
Andy says:
say it out loud - to hear the lame puns
Nett says:
oh god
Andy says:
now she sees

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there I go, using '...' again.. okay, HOW many posts am I doing in my lj today!?!? this can't be good, a billion posts in the same day means I'll probably stop posting in it soon


I was just thinking... where do people get their web things from, for example I picked up doing ::emotion/action:: from DMented Lil Thori about four years ago ::laughs:: I just remembered that and went, WHOA!! that's cool... I can't believe I found her again after two years of non-contact via dolling how small is this world!?!?!

I swear, these days you can take ANYTHING 'dirty' me and mark - I seem to talk about him a lot don't I... MARK, what up!?!? ::Laughs:: anyway me and mark seem to be able to talk about ANYTHING over msn im and turn it into us mock-cybering... I love it, it's soo funny!!

thought for the moment: if people can veg out, what do vampires do, coagulate??

I just came up with that whilst discussing my activities with mark... ::Laughs:: but it's true! from now on that's my catch cry, "wanna come over and coagulate??" ;) :lol

GAH!! too much posting at dh I keep doing stuff like this: :lol :rollin :fear


*goes back to innuendo-ing with mark*


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