May. 22nd, 2002

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okay so firstly RAH!!! I'm at work and I LOVE this song!! ::laughs::

I was about to start replying to multiple emails but I thought, NO! I need to post in my livejournal first before I forget EVERYTHING!!

firstly, I SAW EPISODE II LAST NIGHT AND IT SUCKED!! ::laughs:: and yet it is now my favourite of all the Star Wars movies. ROFL George Lucas REALLY needs to hire someone else to write dialogue... but I DID really enjoy it (if the 'remontic' scenes between anakin and padme WERE a little embarassing to watch - at one point I put my jacket over my head and Tim ripped it off of me scolding me to 'WATCH THIS!' ha - HE told me to wake him up when the fighting started! ::laughs::) and the last half an hour and EVERYTHING that featured ewan mcgregor rocked my entire socks off completely :D

I mean, it was definitely worth seeing on the big screen if not only for the costumes and sets etc etc etc. I loved them so much, the scene with Obi-Wan in the gigantic structure with all the architecture that looked like arteries - VERY impressive; I got goosebumps. and there WERE moments of pure brilliance, the 'darth vadar' music subtly introduced when Anakin gets really mad and tells amidala all about how he killed all of the sand people (who SHOULD die anyway ::laughs:: nothing wrong with killing all of them, they're annoying buggers... ;) ) that was VERY nice, brought a broad grin to my face.

so overall, yes episode II is my favourite of all the star wars flicks, believe it or not! ::grins:: GO PIMP DADDY JEDI MACE WINDU! LOL with his purple light saber (my cousin reckoned it probably had faux fur ;) ) he is the coolest damn jedi in the entire galaxy.

My BIGGEST nitpick with the whole star wars saga at present??


not even if he dark side had corrupted them (the dark side being all seductive and shit would, you would assume, ASSURE beautiful (and probably blonde...) children!) they would NOT end up looking like Mark Hamil!! NEVER!!

now my cousin says - oi, it was the seventies, NO ONE was attractive, but I disagree. Harrison Ford, although not drop-dead-melt-into-a-puddle-gorgeous is still damn attractive, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!??!?!?

not happy jan...

anyway, so I get home last night at about midnight, and my cousin and I are asleep, and wouldn't you know, qudsi rings up at about 1am wanting to know if I wanted to go to Episode II again tonight for free... I was already asleep and grumpy by then... I'll have to ring her and apologise for not asking her out last night (it WAS a snap decision with the work guys)... maybe I should have said yes... but two nights in a row??
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which Episode II character are you?

Queen of Naboo. You could have a split personality - simply to hide who you really are. You are extremely polite and gentle. However, if needs be, you will take action and can be a very good leader. You have the power to make people believe in you - use this power. The one you love could also end up being the one you hate.

thought I'd take the test to celebrate seeing the flick ;) and THIS would be right wouldn't it... sheesh... ::laughs::

I had the feeling I'd know the outcome the SECOND I started taking the test... ::laughs:: lots of clothes, doomed in love, headstrong and determined... uh-huh... sounds like me...
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so I stole this from trin's lj, who stole it from someone else... I have ZERO idea how to link to other people's lj's with the icon and everything so go check out the journal of trinitykiss ;)

the REASON I swiped this is because mark, after over four years of talking over the net, claims that he hardly knows me... So begins the surveys:

01- What is your first name? Lynnette - but of course if you call me that...
02- What is your favorite movie of all time? oh god?? only one?!?! Um... Moulin Rouge??
Fight Club??? A Life Less Ordinary..??
03- What is your favorite singer/group of all time? ONLY ONE!??!? Faithless, Groove
Armada, Basement Jaxx, Groove Terminator
04- Do you consider yourself Nu Skool or Old School? neither... capitalist institution ;)
05- How many time have you been in love? as in FALLEN in love, in the seriously
serious sense?? twice...
06- How long was/is your longest relationship? 4-5 years (don't ask)
07- Do you have any tattoos? (if yes, how many?) nope, I would go STIR crazy trying to
rub the 'blemish' off of my skin
08- How old were you when you first had sex? haven't!! ;)
09- Do you like pornography? Nup, though I don't mind checking out a little hentai
10- Do you like to cook? mostly!
11- What is your favorite sport (if any)? to play? erm, get back to me... to watch?
12- Do you prefer beer or liquor? one word: kahlua
13- Do you hate your job? nope, it will probably kill me but I LOVE it!
14- Are you easy to get along with? once you get over the fact that I'm loud and weird, yes!
15- Is this the stupidest thing you have ever done? nope, are you crazy? who comes up
with this??
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so I dragged andrew and tim off to uni to visit qudsi... ::laughs:: VERY interesting, I swear I'm hardly EVER in the honours rooms so everytime I go in there it's TOTALLY different!

and YAY!! Sonja might have found me a NOTHER job!! WOOOHOOO!!!!


Bloody Qudsi and Tim decided I'm a 'wannabe procrastinator' apparently I procrastinate and yet still get shite done therefore I have no real concept of procrastination...

WHAT do you call going to the pub, drinking heaps and then going to the flicks and not doing ANY work then people!!?!?!? ::laughs::

David said something interesting to me today... he said that 'Indifference is the opposite of love'
and it's true!! he said it was way to philosophical to say such a thing at 3pm in the arvo but's true, and my brain is buzzing now...

also, Greg (my boss) told me that it's very common for beautiful people (ie beautiful couples) to have rather unattractive children... so apparently my scream about natalie portman and hayden christensen is wrong... but I'm sticking to my guns... ;)


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