May. 23rd, 2002

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okay so i got to uni EARLY this morning and i've been here ALL bloody day and have nearly done NOTHING and my extreme lack of grammar in this entry is a testament to that...

i mean what have i done?? come in, written a pile of notes that hinged upon what i want to happen in the house i live in, started to sound obnoxious, double up the notes that i had down about the consultancy - sa school of art website - for the meeting today, then fart arsed around a bit, discvovered one of the chicks i've been at uni with for the past three/four years used to live near me and we knew the same people - and still do,- helped out with logo generation for a food and beverag packaging expo, went to lunch with adam and sally (fried rice and prawns, yum...) came back had the beginnings of a meeting, went to a lecture and now i'm on hold for my bloody phone company when i'm SUPPOSED to be in a meeting right now.

I'm standing at the 'walk up' computer right next to the office that the meeting is going on in, listening in if you will.. the guys just made me admin and managerial of the project/job - apparently i'm going to keep them in line and troubleshoot... the way i am right now (which is VERY narky) we'll see how THAT goes...

I just paid this bill and now I'm on holdto get it extended... I KNEW that I should have gone through to the 'undecided' pool, I always get put straight through then...

this is sooo bloody annoying!!! the meeting is going on, i can make some VERY valid points and I know how to do all the stuff they're freaking out about in there but I'm stuck on the bloody phone!!!

I'm going -- ohmigod its ringing... nope its a pile of dung, back to the shitey music....

not ... happy ... jan
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so I came home TOTALLY pissed off beyond all belief, I almost killed our cat because she started screeching at my window the second I came in and threw myself across my bed... she got in aboutt en minutes later and one of my flatmates freaked out that I was going to kill her and so took he off of me...

I'll threaten stuf like that but there's NO way I could actually do it...

so I had a HUGE milo and then crawled into bed where I IMMEADIATELY passed out and woke up two hours later because the phone rang. I feel 300% better! ::laughs::

so I took this test:

What kind of ANGEL are you?

Quiz made by Angela
and weirdly I'm a goddess... I guess some people would say that suits my concept of my ego... ::laughs and runs from qudsia who is probably rolling her eyes at me::
I know that these are photos of real asian girls but they look SO scary, like images of those 'real dolls' that people have to 'stand in' for women... ick evul!!!!
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okay this:

makes no sense... unless of course it's just picking me with this as this chick has my hair... ::laughs:: I took this test four times and kept getting the same answer!!! ARGH!!

okay so note to self: don't forget to enter anne-marie's contest...

*starts singing*
"bing and boooooooong ... flying across the uuuuuuniverrrrrrse ... there's a little planet waiting ... from their home iiiiiin spaaaaaaaace"

I HATE you andrew for getting that in my head!!! RARGHHGHGAGHRGHGHAGHRRRRL!!! ;)

okay with that dizzy cafe quiz, how DARE they have this question:
Your television is busted, the computer is occupied, the phone is dead, and the microwave ran away. What do you do?
and NOT have 'go stir crazy' as an answer choice!??!?

my cousin said this:

A: No phone, no TV, no microwave and no PC make Nett something something


there is an ugly rumour going on at the dh that I am george lucas... I would like to take this moment now to UTTERLY refute that... ROFLMGO!!!!!!!!


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