May. 31st, 2002


May. 31st, 2002 11:34 am
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so not only did I NOT post up the last two photos of the day yesterday, but I didn't even post at ALL!!

WHOA! what up with that!??!

disco grrrl, MUCH more disco than the last! ;)
and YAY so I did another girly on that base, this one is waaay more disco than the other one (the other one NOT being disco at ALL) so this one suits my needs 100 times better! ::beams:: the only drawback of this one is that the entire time I was drawing her I had stayin' alive and got to give it up playing simultaneously in my head....

not good for the psyche I can tell you that much...

and my ever lasting quest to convert everyone to photoshop is beginning to bear fruit over at the dh...

my everlasting quest to educate everyone in the horror of frames, however, is lagging... I posted up this HUGE post about why they were so horrible and even added some links to some very good sites and everyone just posts things like "well I like them, so there" wow... what witty arguements... I'm beginning to think no one really gives a crap about end users, which is why there's so much crud out on the web...
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andrew, wearing the latest in lumen trend fashion... okay, so the head graphic designer at my work did the latest bi-annual adelaide uni publication (lumen) and one of the guys at work, andrew, keeps telling EVERYONE (and I mean everyone, including random people in the street, in restaurants, and cafes etc etc etc) to 'read lumen' and then he game up with this BRILLIANT idea to make a t-shirt saying "I read Lumen 2002" I said since it was a bi-annual thing it should be summer and winter edition t-shirts...

so here is the shirt, modelled wonderfully by andrew! ::laughs:: aka a doll of andrew on one of hanna's awesome guy bases...

you should see the visual andrew did... it's hilarious... ::laughs::


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