Jun. 1st, 2002

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so I got up this morning and RIPPED all of the sheets offof my bed and changed EVERYTHING I WILL work out what is behind these little 'mini hrony vampires' even if it KILLS me! and it might...

okay I have officially decided that out cat should die... I got to bed at around 5:30am and at 6:30am WHAT does she decided to do!?!? start SCREAMING at my window. for CHRISTS SAKE CAT!!! SLEEPING TIME! I had my curtains clipped shut my blind down and I was totally silent and still and yet she STILL screams at me! what am I going to do!??!

BIG meep for the day. I hate that if I want to watch tv late satruday mornings I'm usually forced to watch 'popular music' television wher I'm subjected to britney spears --- why? because EVERY other channel is showing sport! WHAT GIVES?!??!

site spotlight -- the first for bondchickz - toy box!well I updated my site like crazy last night, the links page actually has LINKS and I decided to begin 'site spotlighting' so my first site spotlight is for niina's toybox! I can't gush enough over that site so I will just say that niina is TERRIFIC and it shows in her site and her dolls ;)

I went crazy and released 9 new bases as well, and uploaded a few new dolls, and changed the top bar of the site, so hopefully it all looks fresh and great! ::grins::


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