Jun. 2nd, 2002

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the qudsielf says:
shit ive been online for 2 and 1/2 hours
the qudsielf says:
im getting off
the qudsielf says:
i mean it
Nett says:
the qudsielf says:
i'll be back online when i get a graphics tablet
Nett says:
Nett says:
I don't have the money to buy you one _tomorrow_!
Nett says:
the qudsielf says:
well you'll just have to pimp out adam or somehting
the qudsielf says:
the qudsielf says:
the qudsielf says:
the qudsielf says:
the qudsielf says:
did you know patch adams is gay?

this just cracks me up, she's such a cutie, and she's all tangental for no reason :laughs:: *kisses q* see you tomor-no! see you in 12 hours exactly q!!! ::laughs:: I still want to know, pub or cafe!??!

check out my latest minni's! I'm throwing these around EVERYWHERE because I just ADORE this base so much! ::laughs::
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okay I had the STRANGEST dream... and I can't remember the rest of it! ::laughs::

all I know is that at the end I was doing something... an art peice or some such, and it had taken me AGES like a month of solid work just getting up in the morning and not stopping (even to procrastinate) until I collapsed into bed in the wee hours... anyway it had taken me forever to create this 'construct' and then qudsia had come in to appraise it and had told me either it wasn't good enough and I had to COMPLETELY do it again, or that she wasn't happy with it, it didn't suit her needs and that I should have known better so by default the friendship was off...

QUDSIA we spend WAAAAAAAAAY too much time together! *dies of laughter*

*can't WAIT to see what qudsi has sent her in her inbox...*

okay this 'hybrid worm' viruse that is infuiltrating EVERYONES emails apparently has just gone INSANE this morning I've gotten them from all sorts of people I know (and all sorts of people I dont) which means HOW MANY ADDRESS BOOKS AM I IN!?! ::laughs::
today some of the funniest subectd for them have been:

Do not remove this copyright notice
The Garden of Eden
A good tool
A special funny website

and my personal favourite:
To God that reigns above

 OOOO   HH  HH  MM     MM  IIIIII   GGGGG     OOOO   DDDD     !!!
OO  OO  HH  HH  MMM   MMM    II    GG        OO  OO  DD  DD   !!!
OO  OO  HHHHHH  MM M M MM    II    GG  GGGG  OO  OO  DD   DD  !!!
OO  OO  HH  HH  MM  M  MM    II    GGG  GG   OO  OO  DD  DD
 OOOO   HH  HH  MM  M  MM  IIIIII    GGGG     OOOO   DDDD     !!!

I just opened qudsi's gift!! OHMIGOD!!
it's a me in minni form and it's so damn good it pisses all over any of my attempts...
*dashes off to put it on her site*

edit: if you want to see it NOW check [livejournal.com profile] qudsielf NOW!! ;)
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okay that might sound like a pointless whine, but I think that's also one of my serious character flaws... ::laughs::

like just then I'm helping someone on msn, he just got photoshop 4.0 and so he can't use my tutorials because they work on 6.0 and above (and can work in 5.5). so I spun around the web trying to find some really good tuts for 4.0 and then he said this:

mega drama king says:
lol...your so cool nett...I knwoy you get that all the time from people who wish they were you, but I mean it, thank you

and I just realised that I get compliments all the time, and I just say thankyou... that's it... ::laughs:: I guess I'd get all weird if I did all this sort of stuff an didn't get an acknowledgement, but what do I do with these except add them to my already inflated ego!?!?


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