Jun. 7th, 2002

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okay, not sure WHY I named this post after a chapter in pollyanna...

had a GREAT SLEEP!! for once!! I went to bed at about quarter to two this morning, thinking oh great another morning where I wake up drained beyond all recognition, but NO! I slept BRILLIANTLY! woke up completely refreshed, went to the shower, all goo, got dressed and had PLENTY of time to walk int to work!

I feel BRILLiANT! :)

so I'm at work, haven't started my lit review for research methods honours, but you get that...

worm email subjects for today:
A WinXP patch {-- not bad, it's learning
Feb 27 2002 21 {--- from a neopets email!
Some questions {-- boring but still I guess it's fairly smart
So cool a flash,enjoy it {-- doesn't make any grammatical sense! (but interestingly it's ANOTHER email from simshowcase...)

hrrmmz... no funny ones yet today...
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okay I just got this spam from someone named faeryspirit:
Look,my beautiful girl friend


there I got my amusing spam subject for the day! ^_~
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so I'm working away and am diligently double checking stuff that I'm uploading to the server when I realise:

I've got the 'let me get some sleep' song as sung by James Marsters in the Buffy Musical playing in my head - SIMULTANEOSLY with the orginal cornier than a corn-field theme to spiderman!!

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okay so NOW I've got the lesbian sex song, the let me rest in peace, the original theme song to spiderman AND girls just want to have fun going around and around in my head all together mushed up...

ye gods...

you are...

you've got a crazy imagination and thinks very originally. unique ideas pop up in your head all the time and you're probably great at art as well. </td>

How Creative Are You? Quiz by maikamariel

but aparently whoever wrote that quiz isn't... "very creative" hello, boring...!
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okay, I've officially entered the twilight zone... )


Jun. 7th, 2002 11:25 pm
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it's 11:25pm and I'm eating tea!! ::laughs::

boiled eggs, slightly burnt toast with tonnes of margarine cut into strips to dunk in the egg yolks and orange juice...


*knows full wel i'ts really breakfast food*


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