Jun. 8th, 2002

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okay, first of all I need light in here
*goes to turn light on*

right, excellent...

well, first off I broke my hiatus for fve mintues to make an sfd doll:

base by josie...

shhhhhhh don't tell anyone... ;)
secondly, today is the DAY OF CLEANING!!
I'm going to slowly go through my entire room (or atleast all the surfaces) and rearrange the LOT! we have an inspection (the first one in two years) next week, friday, so I thought now was the PERFECT time...

*goes to beat josie and sarah over the head for tempting me so badly to break my hiatus*
I'm so weak...

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spam for today:
End of Client Side Image Map information <-- all I can say is GOOD DIE IMAGEMAPS
Onmouseout <-- from camilla believe it or not!! eep!
frameborder <-- from line!! ::laughs:: girl what is the worm doing sending me a virus with sometime to do with frames!?!? ;)
How are you <-- just fine and dandy, cause I don't have outlook ;)

dear lord...
I haven't looked at it yet, but my cousin [livejournal.com profile] monotonehellsent me this:
with this blurb:
"With the turn of the millennium, getinthering.com has revolutionized
chat-based programming by adding an element that all wrestling fans have
been waiting for. Now, you can settle your online feuds by duking it out
inside the squared circle! Get In The Ring 2000 is a chat program which
brings online wrestling to real-life."

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okay so mia was saying that my hair was werid on that doll I did for sfd, so to prove my eternal weirdness - and the fact that my hair WAS like that list night when I made the doll (that I didn't actually make remember!! ;) ) here's a really bad pic of me with the hair:

me, just got up

see! ::laughs:: I looke like hell, I just got up, and one of them is a little flat because I couldn't find al my hair ties from last night, but you get the drift... ::laughs:: I discovered I could do my hair all cute cute manga one late night at the honours studios at uni, trying to cheer qudsi up... it's so funny, it bounces when I walk... ;)
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I'm going to do another one for a new lj layout, but in the meantime:

geisha nett gina ([livejournal.com profile] cheaze) said that I looked like a geisha so I quickly did a geisha version... ::laughs::


Jun. 8th, 2002 11:49 pm
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yes, I'm weak... weaker than weak... weaker than a wet week... which we're having btw - well atleast a really wet weekend...

anyway, all this dolling aruond me, I took yet ANOTHER break (well a break from a break, I keep reading megatokyo under the excuse of 'research' for my literature review - it's actually a really good example from my thesis proposal so I'm tricking myself into thinking this fun stuff is research ;) ) and decided to do my entry for cat's 'artistic vision' contest...

what do you all think of her? her name is Tabbi and I LURVE her hair, I was soo happy with it when it came out.. and I'm getting to reallu like thse ears... I want a pair of them for myself I think... a cute pair of black cat ears for me... hrrmmmzzz...


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