Jun. 10th, 2002

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so I made a KILLER playlist that's just GORGEOUS has everything form ultralounge to u2 to olive to mandalay to dido to chicane to groove armada to air in it...

was KILLER when I was cleaning my room... INSANE ROOM CLEAN!! ::laughs::

it's sooooo empty in here now though... all the clutter is gone... it's very spooky.. and there's too much white space in here...


as a designer yuo'd think that I'd be enjoying the white space...

well as qudsi says though, it shan't take long for it al to build up...

I watched the first part in the latest four part bbc version of oliver twist today... I nearly bawled my eyes out!!
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or should that be birthday... ;) lol

qudsi had this GREAT idea of putting everything she wanted into a list on her lj, so while I was cleanign today I started to the same... BIG MISTAKE, check out my list so far:

any of the Hed Kandi CD's (except winter chill 3 & 4)
Since I Left You - The Avalanches (CD)
Mandalay CD's
Olive CD's
a painted Bagh Chai game (I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY!!)
detailed and very illustrated fashion through history books
fashion books
design books...
how to draw manga books - from the series, I love them!
the Tale of Genji: scenes from the world's first graphic novel
Blood the Last Vampire on DVD
Amelie on DVD
Ah! My Goddess on DVD
Ocean's Eleveon on DVD
Angel (tv series) on DVD
Akazukin Cha-Cha (japenese kids anime) ANY episodes ANY way
MORE SLAYERS!!! ::grins::
more bandwidth (ha ha I wish)
a subscription to IdN
a subscription to Computer Arts Magazine (UK)
old type print blocks
stuff for printmaking
more clothes... ::laughs::
A playstation 2
a new vcr/big screen tv
old-style boxes for storing stuff
ANOTHER bookshelf
a new funky kettle
PRATCHETT BOOKS!! ::laughs::
new boots
more time in the day??
a loft in my bedroom (hey, as long as I'm listing stuff like more time to this list!)
my own server...
cable modem connection...
more gorgeous simple 'drop' jewelry like the stuff I get from portmans
lots of cute matching cute cute (kawaii even) scarves and beanies
more stuff for my walls
a Bubbles plush toy
something funkay arse and large, with heaps of compartments for all my jewellery/hair stuff
chocolate abhorrence (so I stop eating it! ::laughs::)
a hammock
a big arse pin board and some of those 'hidden' removable command hooks
heaps of those 3M removable command hooks (all types)
cute cute cute post-it notes (lots of them)
some SHAG art/items
REALLY REALLY funky and HEAVY bookends...
more tall wodden cd racks like the one I've got already from lincraft

eeep!!!! and I'm sure there's heaps more I could add!! WHOA!!! oh, and in case you're wondering what brought this on, I'm 21 on the 22nd of june...
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okay, qudsi SAID I would be paying for all the stuff I did yesterday, and she was right,


looks like a trip to the physio is DEFINITELY in order now... I've been puting it off for months... oh to be a 21 year old invalid... sheesh...

darn cars... darn bikes... darn karate weapons...

no, you know what?? DARN SPOON DRAINS!! GAH!

::laughs:: oh sure I can laugh about it now... eep...

although I do have a fairly immaculate (well as immaculate as you can get with ALL of this stuff) room to show for all my pain...
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adam was here, so I got nothing done... well, I got a lot of procrastinating, mucking around and giggling done...

::laughs:: and I did in the end find a crapload of links for us to be able to do our literature reviews from... so that's got to count as useful...


I really hope that the people that bought bec's vcr didn't just take my video and tape over it or anything... I'd really have liked it back, it was a new tape...

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

yeah, this figures ::laughs:: I'm ALWAYS likened to either jasmin or pocahontas... its the hair I swear...

*hears adam start quoting the entire dialogue of aladdin...*

eep... note to self, find new best friends...

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so adam told me it would happen... his exact words were:

woman, its gonna hit you all in one go and your'e gonna get sick and we're all going to say SEE told you so...


well I'm not sick, apart from the splitting headache - but I'm sooo emotional I want to cry for stupid reasons, for the fact that buffy is over, for the fact that It doesn't start again straight away, for the fact that I jsut got a shock when reading tei and riki, for the fact that one of my favourite characters just collapsed unexplainable inm megatokyo, for the fact taht I've been putting work off all day, for the fact taht I've been talking about how I am ironicaly alone... for the FACT THAT I'M TIRED...

*is going to call qudsi...*


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