Jun. 11th, 2002

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...is still SOOOOOO tired...

I'm feeling much better, I had a near two hour convo with qudsi in qhich she said 'okay I'll let you get to sleep now' about forty times...

I TOLD her to go make herself a drink first!! gah!! ten minutes my bum... ::laughs::

I'll hopefully feel much better this arvo, atleast the flatmate I loathe washed the dishes yesterday... I guess I should mind not then going home, but so often if I do go home and he's there I feel like I don't want to be there... great, in my own home...

I hope he DOES get his act together and moves out like he plans to in six months...

hrrmmmzz... I think i need some MAJOR pick me ups - Q!!!! we need to have a MAJOR cryfest followed by an INSANE laugh fest on friday!!! I'm thinking somthing TOTALLY gutwrenching followed by some monty python or something similar....

*can't wait to get home so she can listen to the mp3 charlene sent her*

you ARE the sweetest of all sweet things girl! not ONLY the lj super-guru..!!

*wishes she was at home feeling sorry for herself and reading megatokyo instead of being outwardly perky and cheerful at work...*
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okay, so for a concept I had for the 'waite arboretum and conservatory reserve' I decided to incorporate scans of real leaves for textures etc etc, so I consulted with david (the head graphic designer) and he thought it was a great idea so I just got to go on a 40 minute wander around the botanic garden (very conveniently a block down from my walk).

all I can say is that it centred me and I felt AMAZING in there...

and I never realised just HOW magical and peaceful toadstools and mushrooms were!! at the moment they are are growing all over the botanic garden in the little 'off roads' and paths and I just kept stopping and reading in the damp, fresh cool air and feeling cleansed...

I came back to the office feeling taller, clearer and more confident that I have felt in a LONG time... I've got to say ti did wonders for my poise and noticibality too... ::laughs::


Jun. 11th, 2002 12:51 pm
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okay so I've got a TONNE of work to do BUT the guys have asked me if I want to go to spiderman again tonight... it'll be from 6:40pm to around 9-ish...

but I have a client meeting this evening and will have to have the labels etc done by then...

and I should REALLY get as much done as possible on my literary/artifact review...

should I go out or should I stay home and work!?!?! if I do go out I have to work when I get home anyway...
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so I just got back from beer (well, lemon lime and bitters for me ;) ) and wedges with the work guys... I had to bail on the spiderman going again because I have work and a client meeting tonight, *pouts*

BUT now I'm wasting a bit of time posting in a forum and making a smilie quilt - those involved know who you are!!




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