Jun. 14th, 2002


Jun. 14th, 2002 11:25 am
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::laughs:: okay so last night me and qudsi went and borrowed (among other things) Zoolander... and I've got to say, SHITE!!! SHITE SHITE!!! BUT I LOVED IT!! ::Laughs::

I keep getting the "HAN-SEL!!" theme song in my head and strutting around qudsi's house, posing, and then saying it with the deep voice and the accent. HANSEL!!

"...there was this moment, when she was sandwiched between the two finnish dwarves and the maori tribesman when I thought 'I could spend the rest of my life with this woman'..."

ye gods, I actually think I want a copy of the movie...


OHMIGOD speaking of qudsi, she is SOOO funny... Like I know I've known this for years, but for example last night, when she was asleep, she kept sitting straight bolt upright in bed and DEMANDING questions out of me and I was half asleep going QUDSI LEAVE ME ALONE and she was having conversations with me and then at one point I was COMPLETELY confused and just went, oi what are you talking about!?!!? and she was all, oh don't worry I was having a conversation with abba (what she calls her dad) and then she lay down and went to sleep...

SOOO WEIRD!! ::laughs:: like before when she's spoken in her sleep she's usually turned round to me and said 'ggrwwwnnngrrgullggrrrr' or that sort of thing, but that's pretty much it...

OHMIGOD!! there was this sentence at dinner.. what was it... okay that's right, so we're at dinner at Adam's house and it was all pleasant, just me, q, adam and his parents, and adam's mum tried on a pair of adam's glasses and qudsi said that she looked like a grandmother... which I thought was incredibly funny and sorta rude and yet pertinent at the same time. To which adam replied that she WAS a grandmother, and as qudsi was about to say "oh that's right your brother..." adam cut her off and said "yeah, you know I haven't told you sally's..." and his mum cut him off to say not to joke about something like that.
Me and qudsi made a big show of saying how weird that would be - Sally is UBER skinny - and adam made this comment about how "he should have said nett instead as that would make more sense..." and I THOUGHT ohmigod, that would make SO much sense, especially explaining the seven kilos I've put on in the past four months and how bloody hormonal I've been...

and before you ask, no... not possible... ;)



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