Jun. 19th, 2002

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yay!! me and qudsi got our heads together and made this for brook!! q did the bases etc and we each did the dolls of us and I finished up the shading on the box and added the streamers etc etc... YAY!!! hope you have a brilliant day chiquita!!!!!!
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from qudsi's journal:
lol nett why were you so surprised by your results? remember.. you do your dolls from the feet up - the clothes dictate their personality! :)

she's referring to my sheep personality and a convo we had on monday night at her place...

we were talking about how we do our dolls and just generally how we are as people, and she was asking why I did the jeans on the 'happy birthday brook' doll first before the face.

She alsways does the face first as the face dictates the personality and therefore the clothes. I just commented off-and that I do my dolls from the feet up - the clothes dictate the personality.

Qudsi and Bruce went silent for a moment and then she said
"you realise how much that says about you doesn't it??"

I just nodded and laughed, and totally agreed.

but it's true!! my clothing and how I look dictates how I feel that day a LOT of the time. if I feel that I'm looking crappy in appearance then I will be feeling crappy, if I think my clothing makes me look great then I'll feel great. I can't count how many times I've gone out, hated what I was wearing and had to buy new clothes and changed into them on the spot to feel better about myself...

this is why I can't take qudsi seriously when she wears that teal applique jumper... and why I can't stop giggling and feeling all 'country' when my friend gianna lends me her ribbed jumper to wear when I'm at her place - I call the jumper 'down by the fire' as I feel like I should be on a sheepskin rug on some log cabin in the woods everytime I put it on...

it's just the way I am and I've been that way from birth and I like it... I just don't get that other people don't get that...

being comfortable does NOT mean being frumpy - and so many people put those two in the same category... 99% of the time I am not comfortable if I'm not looking great... and this s a personal thing, I can 'get all dressed up' as most people would refer to it and just be at home... why is this weird?!?!
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so following that spiel I jsut had in my lj (actually I think the spiel was BECAUSE of this not following) I decided I wanted to change my clothes so I dragged andrew (ie [livejournal.com profile] junk_boy) off to westco (who have the SHITTIEST website ever: http://www.westco.com.au/default.htm EEP!!!) and I picked up a layby and bought a new top.

after lunch down at the torrens with andrew (where we fed the birds, I lamented the lack of seagulls and then we were suddenly inundated, and andrew likened top-not pidgeons to david beckham... LOL!!) we returned to work and I got changed in the toilets, when I came out andrew was all:

"You look great, and hey we match, sort of!"

and I realised I'd bought the 'chick' version of the top he was wearing!! OHMIGOD how weird is that!??!?! ::laughs::
this spurred David (the head graphic designer) to ask later if me and andrew were dating *dies*

although David really likes the top, he said it was very "Jean Paul Gaultier" which is GREAT because I LUVE JPG!! ::grins:: it's a ribbed black top that sort of wraps all over my torso and is still really cleavagey ;)

I love it!! *beams*


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