Jun. 20th, 2002

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- with things to write in here!

last night I did NOT want to go home straight after work, so I decided that I wanted to go to he flicks - ANY movie at all! ::laughs::

so I emailed bruce, [livejournal.com profile] qudsielf, [livejournal.com profile] monotonehell and peered over the divider at work and asked [livejournal.com profile] junk_boy if they wanted to go to the movies.

Bruce rang back and went, yep sounds good and we decided to go to "The Hard Word" (http://www.upcomingmovies.com/bloodandguts.html)...

all I can say is BRILLIANT movie...

that's what I call fine australian film! I hate most aussie movies but that was totally classy! ::grins::

ha ha.... me and andrew just incited Tim to be disgusted with us when we told him he missed out on wicked film adventure last night because he was ill!! MUAHAHAHHAAHAA!!!

anyway, so after the flick bruce and I went back to my place and I cooked us a VERY fine steak dinner (not as good as my usualstandard but TOTALLY made up for the horrid loss to bovinity the previous nights burnt offering was...) with fresh boiled potatoes and a GORGEOUS relish side dish that I made from scratch... sooo yummy...

Greg came over (galadriel greg not annoying greg and not work greg...) and we proceded to tant him by conversing about the flick in front of him... yes, we are evul, and we love it... ;)

near the end of dinner I got one of those 'phone surveys' and since they assured me it would be fast I took it...

and all I can say is LOL!!! it must have been funded by adidas because one of the questions were about adidas solely. but the survey was mostly about 'active wear' which the chick said covered 'sports wear, street wear and leisure wear' now I'm sitting there thinking, uh-uh I think your street wear is totally different to my concept of street wear, and I told her so... it was SOOO funny though the first question was:

"can you name every active wear brand that you've ever heard of"

I'm just , um, do you have ALL night?!?!

it was SUCH a dumb survey! and SOO not applicable to me, I just couldn't stop laughing all through it. One of the questions was what activewear brands do you wear? and I was just like - "none as far as applicable to you, I shop at portmans and miss gladys sim choon and david jones... dotti would maybe be the closest to what you're on about..." and she just stopped silent for a minute and went, "oh...."

the rest of the survey went by SOOOO quickly because she would go "what types of... oh that doesn't apply to you, niether does this, does this??" ::laughs::

she sounded SO downtrodden when she asked me to choose three of the words about activewear shoes that she gave me, and I just said the only one I would pick would be familiar...

plus what does one say to 'nationality' when you're such a mix as me?? I finally said "asian-caucasion" but that's such a generalization...
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okay fr a few weeks now Ive tried to work out what I was going to wear to my party and thought that I didn't have enuogh money to buy anything that I wanted to wear, and then I decidede I didn't like anythign that was out - everything seems to be clothing that I would have wornm two years ago, but not now...

and then last night I had this INSANE and incredibly vivid dream, and in it (among a LOT of other things includinga beast frind from birth beig a taxi driver and a bohemian friend having a huge al outitalian-style wedding) was the dress that I was supposed to wear to my party. it was this GORGEOUS halterneck patterened guava green affair with a full skirt and a gorgeous wrap...

now I know no-where where I could possibly by sucha dress, though now I'm thinking about it I think it was inspired y a jean-paul gaultier I was once...

BUT I went to lincraft today and bought five metres of material so I coud make myself a gown similar... I don't want it exactly the same but hopefully I can do it to what I think it should look like... halter neck still of course, and with a very full skirt, but I bought some stretch bengaline (so it's all crisp) in darker guava green and a pice of black, so that one of the halfs over my bust is black, the other the same green as the rest of the dress... I'm going to cut it out tonight and sew it tomorrow...

I do have a back-up outfit if this one doesn't work out however, but fingers crossed!

and it's a dawn of a new era!! I was a hairs bredth close to buying PINK for my dress!! OHMIGOD!!!!!!


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