Jun. 26th, 2002

ye gods...

Jun. 26th, 2002 12:22 am
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okay, so birthday update coming soon, but in the meantime a RANT!!!

this chick emailed me the other day with this:
>please send me where you got the Harry Potter thing...I'm obsessed!

and I replied with this:
what??? the harry potter thing.. what are you talking about??

*is totally confused*

a few days later I get this (with my reply):
> I'd like you to send me where you got the dolls, i'm obsessed with harry
> potter i even have a screen name for him!!

where I got the dollz?? okay I have two harry potter dollz that I
made, and that's as many harry potter dollz that I can think of that I
have access too... is that what you're talking about??

to which I get this:
>I'd like to know WHERE you made the dolls, like what site..If you could please
send it to me, I'd be very appriciative..

and I replied saying that I actually made them, and that I don't ever use d&ds etc

and THEN she writes back with this:
>Jeez sorry it jsut doesn't seem like someone as mean as you could
>possibly DRAW them! Don't email me again

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! hello, what the hell is this chick on!!?!?!??! I replied back asking her politely to think before she acted and to think about how incoherrant her line of questioining was, but as qudsi said, she sounds like a chick who has no idea and someone who direct links without asking...

I can't stand these chicks, can't the read things?!!? the type isn't tehre for decoration people, it actually SAYS stuff!!


Jun. 26th, 2002 01:41 am
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she just sent his:
>don't make me say things that shouldn't be said you idiot!!!

where does this chick get off!??!?!
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I've written this to a doller:

Hi, ****** is it??

This is Nett from bondchickz, and I'm contacting you because it has come to my attention that you are displaying my bases for others to use on your site, which is breaking my terms of use.

on my site I have clearly marked that:

"do not offer any of these bases on your own site, rather link back here so that proper credit can be given, and so other people can look at my stuff and get any bases they want to use from the source"

and this is at the top of each of my base pages.

could you please take the bases that are mine down, and provide proper credit to me where you have used bases of mine on your site?? as you can see I also clearly state that:

"here are the bases that I've created. feel free to use them as you see fit, provided that you give me proper credit - ie, if you you use my bases, link back somewhere near the dolls you've used them with & say that this is where you got the base from so that others can use them to"

I've also noticed that you are offering a few other people's bases on your site, who also have similar statements - k'vitlyr's I see especially and as a close friend of hers I know she would be most upset to find someone offering her work and not even giving credit, let alone breaking her terms of use.

I can understand the want to display bases etc one your site, but if you are going to do so please give proper credit and only do so when the creator allows you to.

I can see that you have a lot of dolls done on my bases and that's GREAT! but don't forget to give credit! other people may want to create dolls on these bases or other bases that I offer, or simply peruse my work, don't rob them, or me, of the privelidge.

I wish you all the best in your dolling endevours, and I'm soo glad you've embraced the hobby as well as you have, but just remember to follow the terms of use and read them carefully, as the dollz community can be a savage one when they think that they are slighted...

I'll be checking back to your site often to see how you're going, as it looks like you're off to a brilliant start!

can I suggest you pop into the dollhouse forum??

it's a really brilliant community and everyone is really friendly, and it's just a great place to share your hobby. I'm sure you've visited before, but I just thought I'd promote it to you, as it's a great way of sharing your work and 'learning the ropes' as it were... ^_~

okay, well I hope there's no disagreement and hope to hear from you soon and that everything is cleared up,
~ nett



that's all good right?? not to evul??


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