Jul. 11th, 2002

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well I'ev been back for about an huor, but I just got back from going out and colleting firewood!!

I've not done it for YEARS and I swear my parents thought I'd gotten soft on or something in that time, as they were lugging thee huge logs and then freaking out when I just picked them up and flung them perfectly into the trailer ::laughs::

they're silly...

plus my mum kept yelling at me about wearing heels, and I kept coming back to her with the question of when had I not worn atleast SOME sort of heel in the last ten years?? :lol

I've herded sheep in my heels before! LOL

besides, at 2 inches, these are the lowest heels I own, and I did a grand job, yes? ;)
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1. Which song do you wish was written about you? I know it was written about me: 6 Underground, SneakerPimps... ::laughs::
2. Which book character would you like to have been? used to be Tori Alexander from the Ancient Future Trilogy (and other trilogies) but has been strongly surpassed by either Susan from Pratchett, then Angua (because not only is she hot, have a mind of her own and can HOLD her own, she has CARROT! ::laughs:: )
3. What is the most played CD in your whole collection? Charlie's Angel's Soundtrack or Cafe Del Mar Volumen Ocho
4. What's your favourite day of the week and why? Wednesday - ANGEL IS ON! *dies of laughter*
5. What was your shortest relationship? one month, not really a relationship, more like he had a great car... and I felt sorry for him...
6. How many dead people have you seen? people who are NOW dead?? ;) too many to count... thre are atleast two ghosts in my house...
7. What is your favourite finger and why? my right hand pointer finger - that's the finger I use to poke people with! ;)
8. Quote me something from memory... "smile coz you is loved" -- qudsi
9. Define 'love' without using a dictionary... infinite joy, infinite pain, smoodged together ;)
10. The KLF burning one million pounds, genius or pathetic? *is lost*
11. The last thing you said to one of your parents was? I can't believe you can't get the pre-set recorder to work! (two seconds ago)
12. When was the last time you threw up? I don't think I have this.. oh about a month ago...
13. Please, please tell me now... Is there something i should know? um, my primary sexual display frill is too orange??? (*dies of laughter*)
14. Guess how old you'll live to? according to the death timer, till i'm 68, according to me, until I'm 30, because that's when I bring on the apocalypse
15. And on your gravestone it will say? it will have a carving of a harlequin on it, sweet poetic justice from my friends (I am petrified of clowns)
16. What is your greatest fear? CLOWNS!!!!!!!
17. Who is your worst enemy? Clowns
18. What colour are your socks today? navy blue (I stole them from my dad!)
19. Is fat a feminist issue or a three letter word? a health issue
20. What's your favourite colour of spaceship? of spaceship??!?!?! what space cadet wrte this?!?! PURPLE and Guava Green Polka dots... MUHAHAHAHAAA!!
21. Tom Cruise's brace (retainer), 'go Tom!' or 'what a dork'? um, who cares??
22. fact or fiction? what, the issue of my existence?? both, I am a figment of your imagination...
23. Found it, found it and lost it, or still looking for it? I had it but then I put it in a self place and can't find it anymore...
24. The livejournal user i most want to hug is? everyone! I AM A HUG SLUT!!
25. What Livejournal user do you frequent the most? um, qudsi because she's my best friend and I see her in real life, if that is counted as frequent... lol


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