Jul. 16th, 2002

I wish...

Jul. 16th, 2002 12:04 am
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yes PULLEASE!! give me dior ANY day of the week baby!!!
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my GOD what is with this posting blitz?!?!

My bumper sticker reads:

Take the quiz.


and yet ANOTHER quizzy thing, I think you're supposed to say the first thing that comes to your head:

Tree: Cherry Tree... or a big old tree I can climb, sit in and read (or set up a laptop in!)
Flower: erm, I had a good one, and I can't remember it! ::laughs:: let's say orchids? I know!! a TRILLIUM!
Direction: my own way!! *giggles*
Texture: tactile, suedey.... mmmm... suede...
Furniture: chaise lounge
Appliance: does a computer count as an appliance?? my kettle
Clothing: ALL YUMMY CLOTHING! ::laughs:: erm, my pin-stripe, hip-hugging flares...
Magazine: IDN, Oyster, Desktop, CMYK...
Body Part: Lips <-- on me at any rate
Color: PURPLE!
Smell: Leather! clean, new leather... *melts*
Song: Bran Van 3000 feat. Curtis May - All I Want To Do Is Love You, or Freestylers- Told You So
Place: somewhere snuggly...
Store: EEP!! erm, at the moment? Um, Portmans, David Jones...
Cookie: I've sorta stopped eating them... does mint slice count?
Ice Cream: Danish Double Fudge Chocolate from Royal Copenhagen...
Main Course: oh dear lord... a good steak, nice potatoes and yummy yummy side of tomatoes, capsicum and onion...
Appetizer: prawns...
Sandwich: pickled mustard stuff, corned beef, and vintage cheese on fresh white bread
Candy: bounty, or aero bars...
Beverage: Brown Cow...
Animal: CAT!! *beams* or a sloth, or a giraffe... ::laughs::
Car: cut-down convertible v-dub bettle, the new one, in pearlescent purple with LEATHER seats...
Day of the Week: again, wednesday, for angel ;)
Holiday: Christmas
TV Character: ANGEL!!!!!! ::laughs::
Movie: Moulin Rouge
Cartoon Character: BUBBLES!! *grins* or Astro boy...
Sanrio Character: I don't know... I don't like hello kitty, although I DO love that cute stuff...
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for tonight I think...

Imma cute water pixie~!

Stalk bunnywunny_~!

what the HECK does this mean??

although I ADORE the colouring style... I'm really giong to have to try this out... could be kept in mind for our comic, qudsi?? any ideas?? it's not what I wanted to do but it could be kept in mind, yes??


Jul. 16th, 2002 11:43 am
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apparently last night's buffy was NOT the last of the season,

but I SOO thought it was from all the talk about a month ago at the dh...
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glen just saw some dude at our mailbox who walked away with a handful of mail, and he called out to me:

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!? some dude just walked up to our mailbox and stole all our mail"

I just looked at him and said

"junk-mail drop off, you wanker!"


ten minutes ago we just had a conversation about how he was losing the plot...
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last night, as I was getting ready for bed, i was changing and actually SNAPPED the side elastic of my new pair of knickers I was wearing..!

::laughs:: I looked at what was left on the floor and fell on my bed in laughing sooo hard!!

I'm surprised that I didn't wake up the whole house I was laughing so much!

that was the first time I'd ever worn them as well!

*hopes the identical pair she's wearing now are a little stronger*

oh wow...

Jul. 16th, 2002 10:17 pm
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dad's watching "accidents in space" a documentary, and for some reason, when they showed the same old hashed out footage of the challenger accident I had to fight back tears!!!


I'm not sure if it just hit me for the first time or if I'm just weirdly emotional today...


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