Jul. 24th, 2002

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...so he has something to read at work... ;)

FFX IS A DRUG!!!!!!!!!!

I can prove it!! I'm getting the jitters and suffering extreme withdrawal symptoms, ESPECIALLY cause [livejournal.com profile] junk_boy has the official 'Yuna performing a sending' image as his background on his comp!!

I have not yet had my hit and it's killing me!!

I'm trying to work on the graphics for CEMMSA and failing miserably, all of the images of microscopic organisms and items and stuff are reminding me of FFX villians!!

for christ sakes, I kept making ffx parallels to buffy last night!


*needs an ffx patch*
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my language has been murdered
my shopping trolley?
my groceries, JUST gone...

I like to dance...
I like the disco
cause I left my heart in san fransisco
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...of my own stupidity...

I just stole the grading system from my uni from my cousin's ([livejournal.com profile] monotonehell) journal:

--Info Bar--
Grading system here...

HD - Hot Dog!! (High Distinction)
D - Distinction
C - Credit
P1 - Passed
p2 - JUST Passed (This is VERY hard to get as it's only 5% wide)

F1 - Failed
F2 - Like did you even come to class?

W - Withdrew early
WF - Withdraw Fail - Withdrew just before exams

and LOL I remember, coming straight from high school, I got my first essay back, opened it to th eback to read my grade, ans saw that I'd gotten a D.

my jaw fell off basically, the first time I'd EVER gotten what I thought was that low - usually I'm an A to A+ kinda student. I was walking mindlessly down the stairs thinking how I possibly could have gotten it sooo wrong, when i realisd all the comments through the essay were incredibly positive and full of praise.

I was all "WHAT?!?!?!? how is this- OH!!!"

the penny dropped and I realised I had a distinction...

lol... ah, the good old days... ::laughs::
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names to remember for nevaron post (npc's for storyline furthering):
Dzug Saharon
Zeyad Choambray

I'm eating cherries!! ;)

oooh, really funky design concept to do with half eaten cherries just thought of!!

must do!! (or atleast get the bits scanned...)


gah!! it's 4:47pm and I'm stuck re-scanning staff images!!

I'm not going to get CEMMSA DONE!!!

*for some reason has a previous conversation about shallowness with [livejournal.com profile] thalea in my head...*


Jul. 24th, 2002 05:13 pm
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Which pop culture icon are YOU? | made by kt @ gFs.co.uk.

rancid hey..?

::laughs:: I agree, I can't STAND coke! ::laughs::

note to self: MUST search out the customization override codes so I can add an 'update journal' link in my links nav on my home and friends pages... would make like SOOO much easier...


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