Jul. 28th, 2002

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okay, I'm just back from going out with my parents to see 'about a boy' - based on the book by nick hornby.

all I can say is, its BRILLIANT. well, it's based on a nick hornby book, so yes, it would have to be brilliant - but it IS brilliant. Hugh Grant actually does a a really good job, I know I just said that Hugh Grant was good, but trust me, he does a great job. His facial expressions through the film portray EXACTLY what the character is thinking, and the moment changes etc. absolutely classy.

And I love his flat, I WANT THAT FLAT...

I love watching english film, you recognise everyone from all the english movies... so cool

The kid who plays malcolm is incredibly talented - weird looking, and perhaps a little too grown up, but that's what the character calls for.

all in all a really good bit of cinema, so if anyone wants to go, I'll gladly go again! ::grins::

"It all started when you killed a duck with a gigantic loaf of bread.."


Jul. 28th, 2002 11:46 am
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[livejournal.com profile] monotonehell is right, there is somethign INSANELY dodgy about my server...

check out these stats:
Domain name: bondchick.net
Disk usage: 168134858
Disk space limit: 209715200
Traffic: 12570944654
Traffic limit: 8388608000

okay, HOW could uploading 5 new bases (around 5k each, at around five colours a base, so 25k...) suddenly up my disk usage by that much?!?!? thats impossible!!


the one that my cousin was suggesing was american but it would cost me around $400 a year... I'm REALLY going to need to find a way to have my dollz site make more money...
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so for the passed week or so, people have been saying my room smells weird... now I think my room ALWAYS smells weird, but I just pass that off as too many people spending time in it, and the AMOUNT of stuff that I own piled up all over it...

but the last night my mum came in and couldn't handle the smell... nothing new, if you can smell ANYTHING mum can't handle it. I on the other hand have some sort of al factory nerve issue and I can't smell a lot of stuff - roses for example cant smell them, or permanent marker (or if I can you KNOW that that permanent marker is pretty darn potent).

but anyway, mum saying it sorta gave it new meaning for me, and I told her that I couldn't really smell anything except general stuffiness anymore - hell with as much bedding and people traffic as I get in this room anyone would REALLY need to expect a general stuffiness. But I thought about it a bit today and when I needed a break from the compuiter, I stood up, and opened the door swiftly and stomped out.

I walked out the front door, breathed in some fresh air and then came back in my room...

and did this about twelve times...

and I think I've sort of nailed it...

I've got a LOT of chocolate stashed around in my room, god knows how I come across it all, I hardly every buy chocolate myself, but when you first enter, yuo can smell a general bedding smell, and then there is this distinct odour of burnt chocolate... there are also some other odours - none necessarily bad... something that smells like potatoes... and teh coffee smell from the carpet in the corner ::laughs::

that sort of thing...

it's sort of weird, it's not unpleasant, well I don't think so, and atleast not at the moment, but still...


great, mum and I ars skinning and gutting fish and other various seafood, so now all I can smell it that ::laughs::
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I am soo satisfied, we just finished this HUGE meal of freshely baked fish (caught this morning, cooked with onion,capsicum and gigner), rice, black lipped muscles, and vegetable & seafood broth...

god it was good, I've not eaten that healthy and that WELL in ages...

I want to eat that well all the time, that's my favourite food!! but it was only possible cause my paretns went to the port adelaide fish markets early this mroning and bought all the seafood fresh off of the boat... if I could do it every sunday I would, but the taxi fare alone wiuld go into the $40 bracket...

this was soooooo yum...


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