Jul. 29th, 2002


Jul. 29th, 2002 12:28 am
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clogs = yummy

I need more money...

I NEEED new boots... I NEED new shoes...

these are soooooooo yummy...
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so my 'inherited' cat, skunky was squealing at me from the second I got home and I was trying to work out why. finally, taking the groeries out of the car I noticed this absolutely GORGEOUS grey cat whining in our front yard, with the same tone as my cat does... sheesh skunk...

anyway, she - atleast I think it's a she - was whining her head off and limping, so I started to coax her into our yard so that I could get a look at her paw.

Well that was IT - skunky FREAKED out and ran into the house, and is now locked in the back room with a bowl of food and a heater... the grey cat, is now sitting on my bed.. I should REALLY get her off..

I tried to get her on my lap and check out her paw inside, the SECOND I picked her up she started purring, so I assume that she's someone's cat, but it looks like a chunk has been cut out of..

hang on theer's weird noises coming from the kitchen...

okay it's looking AWFULLY guilty sitting in the hallway... but nothing seems to be touched... weird...

anyway it looks like a chunk has been taken out of one of her paws, so she's been limping for a while, I haven't detected any other burrs or prickles or anything, so hopefully I've done the right thing...

uhoh... though, convo with cat:
gah! weird noises from the kitchen again, hang on..
that chick nett says:
okay she's looking in the bin...
that chick nett says:
plastic rustle...
that chick nett says:
ohmigod it soudns like she's eating from the plates or fiddling with the sink what's going on!??!

grrrrr... this is odd, she's now limping around my legs exporing behind my computer desk...

update on the cat situation soon...


Jul. 29th, 2002 07:52 pm
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this cat is incredibly presumptive...

I don't even let skunky get on my bed and this cat has made itself comfortable right in the middle right up against my pillows!!

luckily I've got a guest pillow on my bed at the moment


what am I going to do with this feline?


Jul. 29th, 2002 08:31 pm
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that was a malcolm in he middle re-run, and I've lost my cat...

i closed my door, thinking the two of the cats were in different rooms, and then i heard a bunch of weird cat noises so I went to investigate...

the 'new' cat is still sitting in the kichen on a kitchen chair under the table, but skunky is missing!

I've searched under all the couches and chairs in the back room, all the nooks and crannies of the lounge, and the bathroom and the hallway and the cupboards... no skunky...

I hope she only went upstairs...

*wonders if she's invited a feline cannibal into her home*


Jul. 29th, 2002 08:42 pm
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I've found my cat...

she's peaking it totally underneath one of the armchairs in the back room, I tried to pick her up and take her to my bedroom and she freaked and took a swipe at me...

the grey cat has found it's way upstairs and ali is looking after it in the upstairs lounge,

this is such a cat debarcle...

*wonders if she has detol*
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Silvershadow is a:

or perhaps even a:

but is definitely NOT a:


Jul. 29th, 2002 10:47 pm
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okay, if someone I know is out there and they feel like a drink , you wanna buy me one too?!?!


BRUCE!!!! you HAVE to bring some archers with you before you come over!!

I NEEEEEED some alcohol! I'm eating prawns and it just doesn't seem right without it!


tim, what haev you done to me?? I LOVE that stuff now!
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OHMIGOD!! how much do I love the 6 feet under theme song!??!?!

why haven't I gotten the extended remix yet?!?!


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