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... I expected this:


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

so basically what they're saying is I'm a total sap and am rather blonde, and abuse the ones I love bitterly and am in denial... ::laughs::

sounds about right...
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and that means you you adelaidean peoples!! *grins*

in order to raise money for my honours year final exhibition, we've managed to scam our way into holding the opening of the BRILLIANT anime film "metropolis" at the nova cinema, this wednesday fortnight.

if anyone (or anyone you know) is at all vaguely familiar with the film, the 1927 classic original version, is an an anime fan, likes good cinema (or just really liks me so want's to support a good cause *bats eyelids*) then ring/send me on an email ( - without the metropolis bit of course ^_~) so we can organise for you to come buy a ticket or three from me, as I have them with me as I speak *beams*

if you want to know more about the film, you could do one of two things:

ask me about it and hear loads of unintelligable gush (I've been waiting for this film to open for about a year and a half)


check out the film's official website here:

the tickets can be pre-purchased from the nova, or from me, but will not be available on the night.

the cost is
$10 for students &$13 for adults

opening night is
wednesday 18th september

and will be screening at

wine will be sold on the night and we believe we will be supplying either free or very cheap yummy home made popcorn, among other treats (well, this is the plan at any rate).

hope everyone is interested, and will come to support a good cause, see some really good cinema, and in good company
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Artistic and maybe even a bit shallow, you belong to the clan of the Toredor. You have a keen eye for pretty things. The embrace is looked on as perserving all beautiful things for eternity. You are the sensual vampires that you hear people talk about that seduce to get what they want. This clan is the one thought of as being the spoiled sort who want to get what they want. However, you usually work right under the ventrue clan as they try to carry out their plans.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

Test Created By [ profile] oronoda

lol everyone always said I was SUCH a toreador... ::laughs:: I created a website for a friend for a pbem based on vampire: the masquerade... I played for a little, as, surprise surprise, a toreador.. ::laughs::

I saw this quiz in someone's lj and decided I just HAD to see if the obvious was indeed obvious... ::laughs::
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qudsi just rang my mobile to rar at me to watch sbs because some brilliant new york ballet company was putting onm an all male drag queen ballet performance - taking the piss out of pretty much EVERY famous balet there is...

I LOVE IT she was soooooooo right!!!


Sep. 8th, 2002 10:15 pm
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last night I cooked this AMAZING baked fish and wild rice dinner for me and tim, and I was soo going to have the left overs for dinner tonight...

little did I know in my ravenous state of "must eat fish... fish soo good" I pretty much ate the lot of it last night!!

so I'm just sitting here eating a mixture of wild and basmati rice...

so yummy.. but I wanted fish!!

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I'm craving a promite and cheese sandwich...
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so I open my email tis morning and discover I've had no comments to my lj and no replies to any emails and just no emails sent to me in general...

I've been COMPLETELY forsook...

*tries hard to keep a straight face*

on further notice, I would just like to say that

the people at arboretum are heathens!!!!

they are completely blasphemous to the graphic design cause.

I am wholly serious.

I was doing all those illustrations and BUSTED my gut doing those collages etc, which everyone thought were gorgeous and everything, and I was REALLY pleased with them, and what happens..?

the woman says "no, we don't like collages, we just want straight pics"

and they've deleted everything that made the pages full and complete!!!



Sep. 5th, 2002 08:34 pm
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I nearly had a heart attack casue I thought ten weeks had gone by since 24 started here, and then I realised that they've been having two episodes a week here at the moment...

*breathes a sigh of relief*

I didn't THINK that added up, but it was SOOO scary if it had!!
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okay, we haev no potatoes and no onion and no bread...

I put the deliciously yummy soup that I've had just cooking and re cooking since we made it (what was that q..? monday.???) but I'm so out of it with brain malfunction (thankyou [ profile] junk_boy for that term! it is sooo useful and EXACTLY says what is wrong with me! *laughs*) but anyway, I'm so out of it that I put it on to heat up and then passed out on my bed, half an hour later I wake up and the house is full of smoke...

SO I've burned the last of the delicious soup, and all i really have left to eat i sausages with sauce... ::laughs::

I'm gonna make a bowl of tomatoes and lettuce with french dressing in a it to try and temper all this meat...

is this episode of stargate supposed to be this sepia..? it's sorta nice..? actualy this is actually a fairly good episode, but I thought it had already gone to shite..?

me = soooo tired... gotta get this bit of work done and then to bed early methinks...
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ry! vnus huf uh ymm uv so bucdc crymm pa eh [al bhed] !!!

ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ryyyyn!!!

*fehgc ajimmo*

huf hu uha femm pudran naytehk so bucdc!! *kekkmac*

yht huf E ryja y raytylra... nurofen haatat ESSAYTEYDAMO!
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me hungry, so all I have to say is:

I love qudsi

why do you ask..??

because!! last night, instead of going to bed like a good little girl, she stayed up and went to make herself lunch for today, and also made lunch for me!!! they were all neatly wrapped up in plasti bags with n & q on them, very cute, on the table this morning.

now I unwrap them cause I'm nibbly and she's made me:

garlic bread (well, she wrapped that...)
a sweet mustad pickle and corned beef sandwhich
a boiled egg
and a dried fruit mixture! (containint I think nectarines/peaches and something that looks like a prune...)


*mungs on garlic bread and washes it down with her hot strawberry quick*
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I'll let [ profile] qudsielf explain that one... ^_~

well, here I am at work, turning up around 20 minutes late, EEEEEEP!!! I had so many things to say this morning and now I have none...

oh well, back to work then! ;)


Aug. 31st, 2002 07:46 pm
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I just made milo for everyone and now I'm eating a milo sandwich!

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*eats apple straps*

*dances some more*

we just witnessed petty theft in town today - a dude walked into a shop, rifled through some back packs, got one, put it on his bag as though he owned it, grabbed some blank videos and then walked up to the counter, bought the videos (which would have equalled about $4) and wandered out...

notes for self:
new concept for personal identity - elements of life
air - feathers
water - eyeshadow
fire - ?? tomatoes/chilli..?
earth - sand..? too literal..?

should I include life and death..?

also, perhaps, working off of the shoe concept, a more 1950's retro line quality, perhaps... focussing on the shoe, with connections to hair, eyes and lips...

maybe not retro 50's should think on that more...



Aug. 28th, 2002 09:15 am
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you know you think of SOO many things to write in this when you're out and about... I SOOO have to get WAP on my phone organised so I can post in my lj via my phone...

the other day, I was in a cooking store at marion superstores and one of the motifs the place these HUGE and I mean THUMPING GREAT cooking pots, with obviously electronically driven ladles that stirred them that were up above people's heads...

I soooo wanted to post an "OHMIGGOD WHAT ARE THEY THINKING" lj post, and rant about how much it freaked and yet mesmerized me... ::laughs::

the new slogan for the TAB (betting agency):

BET. Gets you more involved

WHAT...??? are they HONESTLY touting that as a reason to blow all your money..?? *smacks self in head dramatically*

I'm sorry but that is hitting a little far from home, don't you think..?

my other random thought this morning, is I'm INCREDIBLY intrigued by this apparent 'excuse' I have that because I'm single I can get away with more.

exhibit A:

last night we're playing final fantasy (surprise surprise) and edelle starts yelling at Tim all this stuff about anti-socialism and how only losers let things like this take up their time.

I was like, um, EDELLE!! I'm sitting right here, what's MY excuse..?

her reply "Hey, that's okay cause you're single..."


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never ending story in the saga of my badwidth limit:

Domain name:
Disk usage: 69968236
Disk space limit: 209715200
Traffic: 10203240889
Traffic limit: 8388608000

GAH!! I got a few people to check out the space that brina found for me, and unfortunately was told that inspite of it's apparently perfect deal, it would actually not suit me at all for various reasons... so we're still sitting with this...


what's even MORE sad is last night instead of working, felix came over and showed me his new i-book... I HATE HIM!! I WANT ONE!!!


so now I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of taking a school leaver loan at the end f the year from my bank (which has rather good rates so I hear) to get the $4000 titanium one...

SERIOUSLY thinking of it... as felix was saying, the one with the wireless network card... mmmm... yummy....


*cries cause it won't be for a fair while*

note to self, do research on those loans...
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why are there so little save points in the bikanel islands...?

and OHMIGOD those scary guys that hide out with dark aeons are creepy and not the least bit stealthy either!!

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I just put the controller down on the inside of my knee as I'm sitting funny at the computer desk (and simultaneously playing ffx) and it started VIBRATING because tidus was doing the energy ray overdrive..!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!! can you say INCREDIBLY weird and freaky sensation or WHAT..!?!?


so this weekend feels like it's SPUN by, I've basically been playing ffx, eating and doing stuff on the computer all weekend, mostly with tim, and it feels like it's 4am monday morning! which is WEIRD because it's 7:08pm sunday night! ::Laughs::

which is GOOD because I've suddenly got this huge urge to work my arse off, which is ALSO good because I have a LOT of work to do! ::Laughs::

maybe it was all that vegetarian pizza at lunch... ;)
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arboretum visuals

this is some of the stuff I'm working on at work at the moment, I drew the sun orchid from scratch, the rest is all photographs that I've collaged, and created the torn effect on etc etc etc...

I'm surprised my boss hasn't yelled at me for making coloured images 'atonal' as he calls it, as he's forever at me to stop doing stuff like that... ::laughs::

I'm really happy with where I'm heading with this, especially considering the audience and client...

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