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Birthdate:Jun 22
SO! Want to be my friend? Read this little gem. It might be preachy, but its le true ^_^

SO my name's Nett, I own this piece of the web, think long walks on the beach suck arse and I'll never get that thing people have with horses...


My websites are, which is a whole lotta nett, & and if you want to read my rambling thoughts and get a clear idea of me then you're at the place to be since this is my livejournal, to summarize: I'm a freak and love posting random stuff here!

My fave tv shows are:
Lost Stupid shark jumping >_<;;
6 Feet Under
Queer as Folk
Supernatural (because Dean. Oh. Dean.)
Arrested Development
Top Gear
Veronica Mars
& Dead Like Me
and I pretty much watch watch nothing else, bar period drama! Okay, so half of these aren't on tv here or were never on tv here but WHAT IS THE INTERNET GOOD FOR!?! Although.. Lately I've been staying up purely for American Dad, Family Guy & Scrubs. Darn you Scrubs! XD

Trek freaks me out (although I know all the words to the theme song to Enterprise. its FANTASTIC when you want to make your friends freak out and curl up into little balls in the corner. OH THE CORN!! Won't somebody think of the children?!?! XD), as does tv Xena, Hercules, Beast Hunter, Tarzan and all those shows in that genre. Doesn't mean I wont have them on, but its more a perverse train-wreck fascination than anything else...

I love clothes, I love shoes, I adore film, I am obsessed with ball-jointed dolls and as a trip-hop music lovin' kinda gal and I ADORE to dance.

The best party album I've ever heard is STILL the Charlie's Angels Movie OST. That maybe sad, but it's still rockin'

Clowns suck. As do possums. And tents.

Red Eye Extreme is the elixir of life, although I often choose to drink Lemon Juice over it since its fresher.

I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, and work some with Illustration as well - although I'm not properly trained in the Illustration field. I plan to be doing my Masters in Graphic Design soon (ie the next couple of years), although I keep thinking about doing a second degree in Fashion Design specialising in Costuming, cause, you know, the pretties. But currently I'm just working and (not) trying to update my portfolio since last time I completely redid it at the end of my Honours year in 2002. I really need to look at that thing... XD

Elljay layout modified from one by [profile] letsbebad, becuase I'm lazy ;).
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