May. 24th, 2002

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it's 2:25am... I'm desperately trying to stay awake as I double check the updates to my dolls site... gah... the thing that has taken the longest time?? lofty intricacy... GAH!!

I can't get over it... hopefully it's all good and I haven't stuffed too much stuff up too much...


I can FEEL the bags under my eyes pulling my face out of whack... oh my god...

I even stuck up a forum just for lofty inticacy so that people could contact me directly and make sure their stuff was up...

soooooo tired...
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it's not my week...

I wokr up this morning at 9:40am EXACTLY - 40 minutes late for work... ARGH!! I rang my boss up in a panic and he was all 'you only work until 12 anyway on fridays, don't bother coming in, I've been there too, I'll see you tuesday" I was all pent up but as soon as the phone was down and I took a breath I was all

"OHMIGOD! this means no leaving the house until around 2pm! YES!!!!!"

::laughs:: the shock was VERY intoxicating...

so I got up to make me and my flatmate breakfast and then remembered that the kettle is no longer working... brilliant... so I had to boil water the old fashion way and went to her room to pow-wow over brekkie with toast and apple cake! ::laughs:: I even went to the lengths of holding my nose whilst spreading vegemite (EWWWWWWW!!! I'm a promite girl) all over her toast... ::chuckles::

so I got the thingy fixed for the forum at my site... hopefully that will be all good now, and stuff, I can't BELIEVE that I missed sticking Claud's entry up, i got an email from her this morning and I nearly cried - qudsia is right, I MUST be suffering from some MAJOR hormones... ::laughs::

*goes back to trying to make the scanner work*

*hits the scanner with her coffee cup*



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