Jun. 18th, 2002

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:lol I've missed posting in here for about three days and EEEP!! so much stuff I can say!! and I WANT to saay!! GAH!!

okay I'm going to do a whole pile of mini posts to cover it I think... ::grins::

hmmmm... SO!! god...

Sunday morning I woke up at god knows what hour after me and q having a very long (and at the end completely incoherrant! ::laughs:: ) conversation about EXACTLY what me and q are going to do our online comic about...

mostly it was qudsi asking "oi, how big is the city"
and me replying "it doesn't matter how big it is"
and then her "but OI!! is it a huge city? or like a town like adelaide"
"no, it's like a bunch of tall tall buildings and sprawl"
"so it's a small non-city?"
"no, like five or so tall tall buidlings and sprawl"
"so a few little buildings like on the mall?"
"no tall tall buildings"
"Oh, so TALL tall buildings and sp- sprawl like in urban sprawl"
etc etc etc... I swear by the end of it I'd have passed out ans her body had but she was still buzzing...

darn q and her incessant need to understand EVERYTHING... ;)

anyway when I finally woke up properly and q's mum had brought me a mug of milo in bed (SOOOO GOOD!! THANKS SANDY AND NAILA!!!) we suddenly ended up having a conversation about the size of my lips, and a half-awake qudsi was apparently having a VERY hard time trying to not make any 'head-job lips' comments... ::laughs:: WOMAN!!! that was both your parents and your scarily naeive lil sis standing in he doorway!! ::laughs::

so after a very weird day of trying to stay out of everyone in the house's way (and having q's dad show me these CUTE CUTE photos of lil tiny qudsi with her trademark ears ::grins::) we went out late that night to go to the 'best of opera' at one of the funkiest clubs in adelaide. Qudsi and Adam were performing in the finals of their bonraku puppets (the compare kept calling them baku puppets which made q cringe EVERYTIME) and they were competing against some pretty full on acts:
a concert pianist and a professional tenor,
a world class (top ten australian) choreographer
and some very good short films and this AMAZING woman who stood up on stage and recited this stand-up routine that she's concocted in a sweet sweet voice that was just SOOO hilarious about loving double-penetration and hand-jobs etc etc. god it was good...

anyway, in the end QUDSI AND ADAM CAME SECOND!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! they got $100 bucks and exposure to a few local academys (will DEFINITELY help out adams plan to get funded by one academy to go to japan to study the original bonraku puppets - TAKE ME WITH YOU!! ::laughs::) god it was good.

they called out qudsi and adams names and the expression on qudsi's face was PRICELESS! her eyes litterally bugged out and then fell onto her lap! ::laughs:: which to a very very tired nett (I fell asleep on q's boyfriend and she fell asleep on me in the middle of the club ::laughss:: ) was a HILARIOUS sight!

I'm still chuckling about it! ::beams::

put forward for review: we think that adam's puppetry company should be called:

one semester's worth of puppetry
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Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

I don't know if I agree with this, I mean yes I do, BUT I thought I always had my own take on the latest fashions etc... plus I've found lately that nothing in the stores is ME... I mean I can found boundless amounts of work clothes that I love but all the night fashion etc is clothing I would've worn two years ago... I can find hardly ANYTHING that is me now... even at the haute couture stores...

must spread this quiz around... people ARE sheep after all... ;)
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and I hate sailor moon but I was curious:

My Senshi Colors Are:

Brown: Practical, Intelligent, Stable

Silver: Powerful, Intuitive, Self-Aware

Get Your Senshi Colors At SailorOrion.com

what, no purple??? brown and silver... huh... silver works, brown looks shitey on me though... I guess this IS dolling inspiraiton if nothing else! ::grins::

*refuses to date anyone named 'tuxedo mask*

but think about it... what does this mean??
Brown: Practical, Intelligent, Stable {-- erm, I'm definitely NOT stable, that's for sure...
Silver: Powerful, Intuitive, Self-Aware {--- huh... I guess, over-powerful and determined, and I know what I want, in most areas...

okay I agree, bust still, BROWN!?!??!??!
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so I'm working on the images and graphics for waite arboretum and coservatory reserve and the head graphic designer at my work decided that arboretum is the collest word ever, and he's going to name his next kid that... atleast a second name anyway... ;)

we're up to sending the word arboretum back and forth to each other over email... ::laughs::

so, voted best word in the english language by me and david:
take a bow! ;)
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I swear I seem to be the only one posting in their lj today...


the birthday wish-list updated here )

I was going to spiel on about yesterday and last night but I'll wait until I get home... ::laughs:: I was thinking of doing the next post with diagrams... :lol

tis 4:54pm and tis 6 minutes until I go home to do more work! LOL

things to do tonight:
lulu's garden
- ssff label complete (check ni spelling)
- visuals sent to shiela
- lulu's catering logo (do not forget the tm) - upload 2 colour process of both to server
finish secret pressie for someone special...
send finished secret pressie to q for consult
start on new livejournal layout and mood icons???

GAH!! NEVARON!! do some nevaron images!!

oh and waste copious amounts of time chatting online to [livejournal.com profile] monotonehell
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I burned the meat!!!!!!!



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