Jul. 17th, 2002

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as per my previous post about my knickers (panties, underwear, whatever you want to call it ^_~) GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!?!?

so I'm in the bathroom, and the pair I'm wearing now, the new pair that was exactly the same as the other pair??



I was still holding onto them and just looked at myself in the mirror and just yelled

"you ARE joking" at myself, and then had to tie them up at the side! ::laughs::

they're so pretty too and now I've broken two pairs...

what the hell is wrong with me!? ::laughs more::
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I did this the other day at sfd, and thought I HAD to share it with everyone, very cute:

What is your bed decorated in?
forest green celtic inspired bed cover, very intricate, purple boomerang pillow, one matching green & purple pillow case, one gold, blue and maroon arthurian-inspired pillow case... and my toy hippo and the phallic shaped bright red star pillow! *beams*
Do you have a twin, queen, king, or full bed? SINGLE!!! I know, how INCREDIBLY single am I to have a single bed!?!?! ::laughs:: I have slept in it with others, so you CAN do it but... ::laughs::
Do you actually sleep in there? yes, yes I do, well, for about an hour an night atleast
Is your bedroom clean? define clean?? it is clean as it does not have pigs running around in it, bu lets just say it's a black hole for objects and items...
What else is in there? besides what?!? EVERYTHING is in there! ::laughs:: tv, vcr, my computer, three wardrobes, two chests of drawers, another double bed (that used to be a couch) my 'useful box' which is a giant wicker chest... the list of things goes on and on and ON...

What time is it? 8:38pm

Is your bathroom clean? VERY
Whats it decorated in? green and white tiles
What is in it? my shower stuff, tim's (my flatmate) shower stuff, about six of my towels, one of tim's towels, a VERY large mirror, that sort of thing
Do you use it? often! *beams*

What time is it now? 8:39pm

Is your Kitchen clean? yes, thank GOD
What is it decorated in? um, it's not??
Do you use it? yes, when I get home, it has the fridges and the kettle in it - needful implements with which to make coffee oh and it has the pantry in it, where I like to go hide... (*giggles* yes, I KNOW I'm a cat...)
What is in it? um, did I just answer that??

What time is it NOW? 8:40pm

Living Room
Is it clean? yes, very
Whats it decorated in? EVERY colour you can think of, plus gerberas, and two huge life-size paintings of me and qudsi ans fairys/water sprites
Do you use it? um, not so much anymore, it's sort of an entertaining room at the moment, considering teh tv is in my room...
Whats in it? two couches, a funky coffee table me and bec made, two arm chairs, a bunch of old packing crates used as side tables... heaps of otehr stuff..

What time is it now? 8:42pm

Other Rooms
Do you have a room for your computers? nope, they're called bedrooms
Toys *wink* ? nope ALSO called bedrooms *wink wink*
Books? again, bedrooms... oh and the hallway...
Antyhing else? what?? like the cellar and the entrance foyer??
Are they clean? yes, well the cellar as clean as it CAN be for a 100 year old town house...
Do you use them? um, well the cellar has a heap of stolen road signs in it... but it's pretty dank and stuff and I don't allow a few friend in there as I've had some pretty full-on nightmares about them being killed in front of me in that cellar... the front entrance foyer obviously, how else do we get in the house?!? ::laughs::

What time is it now? 8:44pm

What are you wearing? evul country wear: a purple furred collar and cuffed tight ribbed jumper, and dark bootleg jeans - my hair is in a bun...
What are you doing? answering this survey and doing WERK!
Who are you talking to? um, no one??
Are you clean? I had a shower this morning, does that count? ::laughs::
Do you use yourself? I'm sure I do
Whats in you? lots of water...

What time was it 5 minutes ago? 8:41pm
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done by marko at sfd, sharing it with my lj friends...

(hope marko doesn't hunt me down...)

the idea is to write the first thing that comes into your head when you read the word:

New York: people - LOTS of people...
LA: Angel *giggles*
San Francisco: trams and hills
Seattle: computer games - I have no idea why, but you said the first thing! ::laughs:: actually I think it's because my favourite game on my old old old pc was a moto cross game and my fave track was set in seattle!
Chicago: the band
Houston: Whitney ::laughs::
Washington DC: Cherry Trees
Boston: Lawyers, lots and lots of lwyers
Miami: mice!!! *giggles*
London: beefeaters and warm beer (ick!)
Paris: BAGUETTES!!!!!!!!
Berlin: the german flag (how telling is that!??!)
Rome: Aphrodite, the goddess
Moscow: those goofy-looking ear-warmer hats
Beijing: SHOPPING!!
Tokyo: Shibuya/Hirajuko girls and Manga
Montreal: Winter Olympics
Toronto: Tornados- I think that's a word resemblance...
Sydney: VAUGN COULD BE DEAD!!! (meaning I'm thinking Sydney Bristow, outta alias ::laughs:: )

you'd think I'd pick the city since I AM an aussie, but no, shallow girl that I am... ::laughs::


Jul. 17th, 2002 12:57 pm
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two spaces left before I was going to cut off entries to 'proverbial expressions'

that was fast...
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one spot left...

I think...

(is yet to check the dh thread again)


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