Aug. 2nd, 2002

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well for almost ALL of today, I've had a splitting headache, which has been gradually getting worse and worse until it turned into a SEARING headache... to the point where qudsi walked into my room and told me I looked like a dead corpse that someone had reanimated with wires...

so I did everything I thought of to get rid of it, and you know what I realised??

you KNOW I'm feeling better when I start making suggestive jokes... ::laughs::

for example:

b - nett? are you sure you don't want teriyaki stuff in your vegetables?
n - yep, thanks.
b - qudsi??
q - mmhmm? do I need to come in there??
n - you ALWAYS have to come in there baby!

yep, I'm feeling better...
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that's all I have to say...

oh dear...

Aug. 2nd, 2002 04:29 am
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after that full day of being half asleep, I had a shower and was feelign better, and then bruce brought me a red eye and I pretty much sculled it...

so it's 4:25am and I'm still up...

but now I'm starting to feel the tiredness...

like I'm getting the shakes and it feels like my mental and spiritual self is falling out of the back of my physical self and the transition is leaving me weak...

perhaps it's time to go to bed...

the reason I'm still up?? I wanted to get my new signatuer for the dollhouse theme for august done ebfore bed...
notorious nett - saving the universe in style
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after having an INSANE dream I kept waking up for half hour periouds after I went to sleepf at 5am until about 10am when q came into my bedroom to see if I was awake...

it's now almost three and I'm trying in vain to find some good royalty free music...


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