Aug. 28th, 2002


Aug. 28th, 2002 09:15 am
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you know you think of SOO many things to write in this when you're out and about... I SOOO have to get WAP on my phone organised so I can post in my lj via my phone...

the other day, I was in a cooking store at marion superstores and one of the motifs the place these HUGE and I mean THUMPING GREAT cooking pots, with obviously electronically driven ladles that stirred them that were up above people's heads...

I soooo wanted to post an "OHMIGGOD WHAT ARE THEY THINKING" lj post, and rant about how much it freaked and yet mesmerized me... ::laughs::

the new slogan for the TAB (betting agency):

BET. Gets you more involved

WHAT...??? are they HONESTLY touting that as a reason to blow all your money..?? *smacks self in head dramatically*

I'm sorry but that is hitting a little far from home, don't you think..?

my other random thought this morning, is I'm INCREDIBLY intrigued by this apparent 'excuse' I have that because I'm single I can get away with more.

exhibit A:

last night we're playing final fantasy (surprise surprise) and edelle starts yelling at Tim all this stuff about anti-socialism and how only losers let things like this take up their time.

I was like, um, EDELLE!! I'm sitting right here, what's MY excuse..?

her reply "Hey, that's okay cause you're single..."


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*eats apple straps*

*dances some more*

we just witnessed petty theft in town today - a dude walked into a shop, rifled through some back packs, got one, put it on his bag as though he owned it, grabbed some blank videos and then walked up to the counter, bought the videos (which would have equalled about $4) and wandered out...

notes for self:
new concept for personal identity - elements of life
air - feathers
water - eyeshadow
fire - ?? tomatoes/chilli..?
earth - sand..? too literal..?

should I include life and death..?

also, perhaps, working off of the shoe concept, a more 1950's retro line quality, perhaps... focussing on the shoe, with connections to hair, eyes and lips...

maybe not retro 50's should think on that more...



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