May. 21st, 2002

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OKAY! so I'm back at work, sneaking in a little LJ time... not sure if that's good OR bad... but I guess we know that it's lasted more than 24 hours lol

so I got to work and emailed the two 'dudes' that I worked with, and Time emailed this back to me:

n> so over the weekend I got one of these:
n> are we scared now!?!?! ;)
n> now all I have to find is a gimmick...


it looks awful!


well THANKS Tim, love you too! ROFL

that's TWO guys now that hate hate hate my live journal look... ::laughs:: I LIKE THESE COLOURS!! I reserve the right to make my journal as FERAL looking as possible!!


yes I admit it, I can't stop using this: '...' and this: ;)
it's a disease I'm taking medication...

so I had a great idea last night for a funky funky doll and now I've forgotten it... shite... I had it last night while I was asleep in my friends bedroom... I swear she and I should NEVER try to sleep in the same room, because when we do it's like we're 12 and sleeping over or something - we TRY to stay quiet and sleep, but one of us invariably HAS to tell the other one SOMETHING :lol

last night she told me that on the phone to her fiance she told him that she and I have this 'married' relationship where I go off and work and she stays home and clean the house. I LOVE that that's hilarious... apparently he didn't take it too well: - she's not sure if it was because of the married comment or the fact that she got a little narky when he said that she wouldn't have to do that when they were finally living alone together...

love it that I always seem to be a bone of contention SOMEHOW in every relationship I know...
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and I was SOO looking forward to some funky anime post-its too, but morning glory seemed funky post-it note deficient!! GAH!!!

the evul thing is that I think at 4am last night I told bec that I'd meet her for lunch, only my phone is flat so I didn't bring it to work today - SHITE!!! eeep....

hope she doesn't kill me... I might be heading off to episode II tonight with the work guys and some other extraneous posse so I hope I don't kill for that...

note to self: ring andrew and bec.

I remembered the funky funky doll idea I had last night - it was for bobbi-jo's underwear contest... only I'm going to have to come up with a new base for it... for some reason I imagine it with either one of hanna's faces or the face of impa's mirris.... weirdness.... maybe I'll appropriate a mirri for my own selfish gains... MUHAHAHAHAA!!

you know, I seem to be laughing evill a LOT lately... meep!

so food of choice this second?? I'm eating VERY VERY salty chips (TOO salty but it's all I have) and alternating beverage between a lemon, lime & bitters and an orange & apricot juice...

it's official... I've lost focus on this latest work project; how is this:
bloody civil and environmental engineering crappy crappy visual
any good?!?! I think a SERIOUS re-think of what I'm doing with this is needed, COMPLETELY change concept right NOW!!

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HA!! it's amazing wha a little change of concept can do for you!!

from the previous shite we now have this:


YAY YAY YAY!! I thought it was a bit girly... soft looking but my boss disagrees and THAT'S all that counts!! brilliant, now I hope david likes it so I can do a bunch of variations on THIS theme instead of that shitey other one...

*starts singing*
what a difference, a DAY MAKES...!!!
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okay so YAY! I'm cordy!!

Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

so that wasn't obvious or antyhing but shush peoples!! ::laughs:: I swear I've lost count of the times cordy has said something and I've gotten a look from one of my friends and a comment about 'ohmigod that was YOU' usually when she says something about fashion or money... ::laughs::

and in case you're all wondering, YES I'm celebrating by checking out some quizzes, now that I've found a civil and environmental engineering theme that I like for work!


*dances around being cordy*
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so it's 4:31pm I've got no idea what's going on with tonight, I sent an email to the guys in the office only has STOPPED working ARGH!!! so I can't check my email NO!!!!

*has a fit*

the good thing that just happened is Tim pilfered some post-its from the stationary cupboard for me and got me a mintie - rejoice!! ::laughs::

*swigs her lemon, lime & bitters and contemplates her next move*

how depressing, in a completely shallow way...


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