Jun. 13th, 2002

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right today:

complete grooming for tomorrows shopping spree (it's winter, I let this slip ;) )
vacuum downstairs
for the lulu's garden label
- double check the 2 colour process label
- finish and make changes to format for 3x8 ssff label
- design lulu's catering logo
ring the phone company about lost payments

there are a few other things I'v forgotten... crap...
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okay so ICK... I get offline to make a phone call and discover that the phone company has disconnected us... WHAT THE!?!? the bloody people pay no attention to what's going on, I've been calling about teh supposed over due amounts for over two months now, this is rediculous...

I got it all sorted though, why is it that you cal six times and they have no idea what's giong on, and then you call once your phone has been disconnected and the chick you get knows EXACTLY what's going on and fixes it before you're even off the phone...

bloody phone company..

so I'm doing research about manga art and influences on art on the web,m if anyone's got any links to essays or good sites let me know??


Jun. 13th, 2002 03:43 pm
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*weeps bitterly* I'm out of staples!!!


*is knee deep in print outs for her manga research*

the subject is:
Manga idolatry and the web
An investigation of how the art form of Japanese Manga and Anime has proliferated and influenced online art & design pieces and communities, and how it's worldwide popularity and production has affected its perception

and I'm having an INCREDIBLY hard time trying to find stuff on related topics (which is sorta why I chose the topic, because it has not been done before, as far as I know) and so it's killing me to write this essay!!


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