Jul. 21st, 2002

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I've been playing ffx since I woke up... well, last night since getting home from [livejournal.com profile] monotonehell's bnelated birthday night...

guess what??

I got to seymour, where I've got to kill him, and I actually KILLED HIS AEON with heaps left, and what happens?!?!

BLOODY SEAYMOUR KILLS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the HELL!?!?!

I've been hyperventilating for the last 15 minutes befouse of it!!

threw the controller at tim, accidentally hit im in the groin, hid under the covers of my bed, almost cried... that sort of thing...

*tries to breathe*

*finds chest too small for lungs*

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so last night I gave up, went on a male base inspiration search instead...

but this morning, after waking up the SOREST I've ever felt in a long time (wow, that made zero sense...) I decided to play one hour of ffx before working my sweet arse off...

so, heartened byt teh fact taht tim told me I was an hour and a half ahead of him time-wise (so he had taken and hour and a half longer to get up wo where I was) I realised that his characters were probably stronger than mine when he got up to seymour and anima...

SO I spent an hour running around in a circle and geting HUGE amounts of sphere levels so that I could make my characters even stronger...

I think I might do it for another hour, because against my gut feeling I went in to fight seymour again, and guess what?


I killed anima, and then seymour kicked my arse!!!

so I think another hour of running around and getting better sphere levels is in order...

in other news, I got hardly any work done - make that NO WORK DONE - yesterday so I have to work my arse off today, except I'm feeling sick and I think I have mild diarrhea, and [livejournal.com profile] qudsielf just told me that apparently there's an evul tummy bug going around with those symptoms...



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