Jul. 25th, 2002

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okay it's 12:40am and all I have to say is:


okay, in ffx, you at one point have this aeon battle with isaaru...

I was DREADING it, and I mean DREADING it, and so I had EVERYONE at
overdrive mode thinking, yeah, they're going to kick my arse to
kingdom come and I'll have to fight them like four times or

I hadn't realised exactly HOW advanced I had yuna!! and here I was
thinking that yuna was incredibly far behind everyone else, and she
was really weak and shit...


I summoned bahamut, and he had an overdrive, and it kicked isaaru's
ifrit without ifrit so much as hitting me once. and then cause bahamut
was still all good, called him again to fight isaaru's valefor,
thinking that yeah he'll bust my chops for sure - but I GRAND summoned
him because yuna was at overdrive mode, and he got hit twice by
velafor, but these PUNY 86 hits and stuff, and so I just thundaga'd
his butt and he was gone.

and I was like OHMIGOD!! how the hell did I do that?!?! that was too easy!!

and then I thought, oh shite, but isaaru is now giong to summon som
big arse bahamut and smoootch my arse...

BUT!! I summoned shiva (well, yunalesca for me) and she had a
overdrive, which kicked off 9999 of bahamut, which DIDN'T kill him,
but anyway, I was sooo bloody surprised!! and then I just kept
blizzarga-ing his butt three times which killed him off before he
could do ANYTHING to me!!

I just sat there with my mouth open for about five minutes!! can you believe it?!?!?

I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!


this is INSANITY!!!

except now I have to go fight that huge lizard again, and I know I
kicked it's bum when I was playing tim's game but my heart is racing
three thousand times a second!! GAH!!!

anyway, YAY!!! how cool is that?!?!?! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

*rejoices and runs around the room*

anyway, I'm just writing this here as Tim's asleep and I can't come barreling into
his room and yell it at him cause he'll get pissy with me and he needs to go to work in the morning...

but it's SOOO good!!



Jul. 25th, 2002 03:17 pm
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I thuoght I already HAD swallowed the blue pill...


Jul. 25th, 2002 11:01 pm
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it turns out they've been slipping me crushed red pills...

...and I do hate living in wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole gives you wind burn...
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when you start talking abuot stuff in the game in normal conversation, and when you're not feeling well exclaim that you've misplaced your ethers, or that you've failed to cast esuna on yourself...

when you post this:
the inner re-workings and unteaching and then rebuilding of the external psyche of an aeon, and how being the undead is merely a freudian want personified into a denial of the higher mechanisms of the ebb and flow of world order??

in a thread about a possible topic of conversation in a private non-gaming and non-anime forum...
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I tried to take this:
test... and it keeps telling me that I'm a bard... and it won't STOP!!I protest and think that it's rigged cause that so aint me!!

okay, if I was a summoner like yuna, I would take my summoning skillz and my aeons and purify the world of crap ad agencies... this is REDICULOUS!! who writes these?!?!
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I'm watching this REALLY weird old-ish movie called flinch on the tv...

it's got judd nelson (or someone who looks a LOT like judd nelson) in it, and he is a shop mannequinn until closing time...

how the HECK does that work!?!??!

that's IT imdb...


yes it IS judd nelson... it's 1994, must be some weird telemovie kind of deal... apparently it's a thriler...

"Harry and Daphne meet at their job: Standing in a shop's window as living dolls, they spend several hours per day without moving and if they move (flinch), they will loose their job. One evening, they witness a murder being committed in front of the window, but when they go to the police, no one believes them. The murderer is now on their trail, though... "

WHAT?!?!?!?!? okay whatever...
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"The curse of insomnia is that there's absolutely nothing good on TV..."

from some user comments from imbd... my god I agree three thousand times over...

atleast I can enjoy the fifth element commercials... *yummy*

but my GOD this flinch movie just soudns worse and worse!!


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