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well, last night I had this INSANE more than half written post done, but then EVERYTHING happened at once and people took over my machine and before you knew it world war one had exploded in my room and I had to look attentive and stuff...

how qudsi managed to jump onto my machine whilst it went on is beyond me...

we REALLY need to get her computer hooked up to the net, what good is being networked together otherwise...?

anyway, I had this huge huge huge dream last night... and I was about to write it down and now I forget it completely, great, lovely... GAH
don't you hate it when that happens?!? I remembered it until 12:27pm and now it's gone...

q and I had this discussion about the kelly & co work over breakfast, about her and her frill neck lizards, apparently she's somehow gotten the idea that I'm gangin up on her and won't allow her to do something - which I'm not I was just ilustrating the point - and the material point - when it comes to her and her working habits, but she got all shitty with me so I don't know if she's still crap with me or not because she left to have a family orinted day with her family because her uncle is leaving to go back to switzerland this evening/tomorrow morning...

hope all is okay with her... I just have a completely different work ethic to her, especially with design, and if it's something that has a deadline and is not personal work the concept of
"too hard, don't do it"
MUST be upheld. stuff in the too hard for the time being basket MUST be relegated to the personal projects folder, otherwise work never gets done on time and you get bogged down... if you were doing a job that we would get paid for by the hour, you can't charge for time where you're trying to make something work and it takes longer than you had quoted for to do...

oh well, that's the way she is and I should really accept that, as she's not going to change and niether am I...

I'll have to get her a flower or something to cheer her up when she gets home...

*read here*

oooh! I KNOW!!

*gets busy*


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