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I posted this in the 'dear...' thread at the av squad & pixel punks forum in this and that. it is some GREAT therapy...

Dear thread: thanks for being the best entertainment and the best pick me up I've had all morning
dear chris: you are the best internet time traveller of all the world
dear silvershadow: you are a small ground marsupial, deal with it
dear graphics tablet: you have ruined me, I now cannot use a mouse
dear $1200 laptop: where are you?? I know you want me..
dear lj: thankyou for working this morning, I love you!
dear life: could you stop for a few seconds?? I really need to get off
dear thomas newman: thankyou for creating the best darn piece of music I've heard in forever - that theme song and it's remixes are genuinely perrier water for the soul...
dear qudsia: I love you, please don't take anything I say the wrong way, it is all constructive stuff and I'm trying to make life easier for you - stop making it so darn difficut for yourself
dear future boyfriend: where are you!?!? I need you!! pluease present yourself! I'll be good I promise
dear reality: I know I ignore your laws but I do know you exist and live in harmony with you - please be nice to me
dear ergonomic chair: I know I shun you but you make a good footrest...
dear ffx: I love you more than life, stop ripping my heart out and making me cry
dear ps2: I know you are tim's but stay with me always?
dear fingers: what up!?!? why so many typos lately!?!?
dear red eye: mmmmmmm you are mothers milk...
dear bedroom: apparently you are cozy girl mess, so I'll live with you, but could you stop being full of junk so much!?!?
dear 24 hour day: do you think you could organise to be 36 hours..?
dear dolling: thankyou for being so darn therapeutic
dear jen: you are the coolest, deal with it
dear everybody: you know what?? ditto what I just said to jen
dear friends: I love you, please understand that if I don't see you for several months at a time, it is no reflection on you
dear purple pig slippers: you rock
dear mum: purple pig slippers?? you have the BEST taste woman!
dear million dollars: what has happened to you?? you told me you would come my way soon!!
dear heater: thanks for being there, you rock
dear list: how did you get so long


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