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that's all I have to say!! SHEEEEEEEESH!!!

I can't believe that for all intents and purposes, it is MIDDAY!!


I had all these ideas about this mornin, I was going to wake up at about 8 or nine, play ffx for an hour and then work for a little bit and then go wake up bruce and qudsi but AAAAAAAAAAAAAaargh!!

I am SURE I can feel my skin bunched up creating bags under my eyes! GGEEEP!!

dear lord almighty...

and last night is a perfect example of how q and nett exist...

no sleep, a full 9-5 days work plus coming home and working does not induce good awake habits - nor do they induce good wawking UP habits...

by about 2:30am q had started getting very very very 'cute' in her voice and such, and stated doing things like trying to open pictures (or PIITCHAAHS! as she put it) in sound editing programs... I lost it completely and almost fell to the floor - my head bonking onto q's knee... qudsi made a comment about me being 'gone... gone with the wind' and I suddenly realised that I was very close to her bum...

I told her as much and SHE completely lost it!! the rest of the evening before we DEFINITLY decided we needed to go to bed included me dry humping the door and us critiquing the inner workings of the tae-bo infomercials...

and YAY three more days of this...

*makes notes to go out and buy tonnes of arctic blast adam's ale and several crates of red eye extreme*

must drink more... no more waking up at midday...

btw, for all that want to know this: is a mister winkle...


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