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okay so after more than a week of slaving our guts out, you think q and I would take friday night and saturday night off to let our hair down... yes..?

this just goes to show how little we know OURSELVES!!

friday night we're supposed to be off to the mike bar to see adam's puppetry play and a bunch of other brilliant live acts and just party the night away.

what to we do..? well, considering we basically didn't sleep for around 36 hours I think this is acceptable, but we FINALLY got to go to actual sleep at about 6pm on friday night, for which time q and I started talking for atleast half an hour anyway - we got woken up by bruce at 9:30pm by which time we were supposed to ALREADY be at the minke bar.

we discussed it for about five minutes and decided we weren't going ANYWHERE, and then we both actually stood UP and I just about fell over again (I pretty much hadn't eaten anything since dinner the night before) so q and I got our gazzillionth wind (or so it seemed) and all systems were go to cook a huge steak and vegetable dinner which bruce had gotten all the parts of ready for us just to throw into the pan and such.

dinner was absolutely BRILLIANT - sooooo exactly what I needed!! MEAT!! MEAT MEAT MEAT!!! - but we sat down and I suddenly had no energy to even pick my fork up, let alone even chew or swallow... basically I wanted someone else to do all the work, I just wanted the taste and then it suddenly to be in my belly.

so after that q just went and had a huge stress relieving bath, and we watch the matrix teaser trailer about nine times, (on freeze frame, fast motion, on slow, you name it, we watched it that way) and then tim and I got comfortable and watched vampire princess miyu, (and the excel saga trailer a zillion times - I LOVE that song!!!!) and then tim crawled off to bed in his room (where later I'm told his gf turned up and tried to convince him both of them were really really awake, and then promptly the both passed out... *laughs*) and I completely passed out until about 10am whereupn I IMMEADIATELY started playing final fantasy!!


so what we have worked out here is that after sitting in that bloody seat for over a week working on the computer straight, all me and q wanted to do after it was continue sitting in that seat and doll and do 'recreational computer art pieces' and I can't wait to animate something else!!

what the HELL is wrong with us?!?!?!?

I guess that sorta shows our love of our profession that we would do it for our spare time/break straight after (and a few times during) work work.

anyway, we went for breakfast at a near by psuedo-posh caffe at about midday, and then came back, got some feedback on our animation from one of our honours lecturers, and then I started playing princess maker 2, b+q left (for some reason q was TOTALLY pissed off - she's a very changeable person in mood when I come to think of it...) and tim played ffx while I played pm2 for about 2-three hours. we then swapped, then t+adelle left go somewhere (no idea where, I was too caught up in trying to kill yunalesca), bruce turned up again - apparently to pick up his computer, and I got completely disgruntled because of the STOOPID BLOODY DARK AEONS BLOODY BLOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


stupid 9999 instant attack bloody bloody...

not sure where the time went after that, bruce was putting stuff on my computer and I'm not sure what I was doing - althoguh I DID disclaim myself by making sure he didn't need to be anywhere so I didn't get any angry qudsi calls saying that he was suppposed to be somewhere and instead he was 'wasting time' at my place (not that I think putting funky arse stuff on my computer and fixing up pm2 for me is wasing time ^_~) - tim played a demo game on the ps2 (GOD I love that my bedroom is basicaly the lounge/dining room 90% of the time!!) and I kept my attention between each, and then suddenly tim was going to bed and it was midnight! whereupon bruce decided he was staying here on the still half existing bed in the back room...

so I started playing pm2 - I got frustrated, finished the game and then altered the code so I unlocked a bunch of cheat things - and played again - and STILL I didn't end up sending her back to the heavens OR marrying the prince sheeeeeesh!!

at one point in the evening bruce had come in and said "what happens between the hours of two and four?? you think, oh yeah, it's a decent time, probably about 2:30 and then you see a clock and notice that it's 4!"

my immeadiate reaction was "WHAT?!?! I thought it was about quarter passed two!!" <-- hello, his point exactly...

anyway, after finishing pm2 for the 3rd time that 'day' I looke up and saw that rage had reached the top fifty...

I turned to bruce and enquired just WHEN had it suddenly gotten to the top fifty, and then looked at the time...

6:08am BLOODY BLOODY!!! OHMIGOD!!! we decided that bed time was DEFINITELY in order (even though I stayed awake to watch the elvis vs jxl film clip) and I fell asleep just as the birds began chirping outside my window...

tis now 1:06pm on a sunday when I'm writing this stuff out, I'll probably play ffx for a bit and then get online to post this, and then more than likely do some work for lulu's garden stuff...

either that or get sucked into pm2 some more... or play black or white, I found the disk for it last night whilse bruce was raiging my cd collection, REJOICE!!!

(for the record, it IS now 6:20pm and I'm installing civ 3 to my computer... uh-oh, even MORE no time!!)


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