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you know, how dumb do people think people are..!?!?

I got an email spam three seconds ago that said


how are you..?

have you seen the attachment yet?

miss you, talk soon!"

uhuh... yep, right...


in further news my room is CLEAN!!!

I spent three hours yesterday re organising a bunch of it and vacumming (thank GOD I vacummed, it REALLY needed it but I hadn't really had time - or energy when I did have time - to do it previously) the floor and that sort of thing, looked GREAT when i had done!!

except I didn't get to doing the dishes because to reward myself after the exhausting task of gutting my room, I decided to play civ 3... 9pm I was still sitting there...

but I won!! and the other civs were quite rude about it I must say...
the HUGE depression was that I play princess maker for about two hours last night and had the BEST girl I'd had so far, (Named misty peaks... *smirk*) and I had thought about saving a whole BUNCH of times, but I didn't really bother thinking it was going so well, nothing could happen...

and suddenly she DIED!!! AAAARGH!!!

the best game EVER and she died at 14!!!

*is depressed*

new game, sitting at home, Jinna Extreme... and I WILL make her live and get her even BETTER than misty, darn it!

*gets back to doing the visuals for adelaide microscopy*


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