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I got home from uni today - walked home at ludicrous speed, and by the time I got back, cleaned the kitchen a little, put another load of washing in the machine and took what was dry off of the line I realised I was shaking from having not eaten since around midday the day before!!!

SO I made two sweet mustard pickle, corned beef and cheese sandwiches, annihilated them, and then attempted to do some work, but passed out on my bed isntead and woke up more than disorinetated at about 6:30pm!!

tried to call my parents, dialed qudsi's number accidentally instead and bruce answered which threw me COMPLETELY!! ::laughs:: I paused for a millisecond and went "oh dear lord, I've dialed q's nuber haven't I?!?!"

I did that on saturday night - only I called my parents accidentally instead of calling qudsi!

so I hung up, went, dear lord, what up with me, got FRAEKED out by my cat sitting in my window, she moved just as I was closing the window so I thought she was a person and I screamed at the top of my lungs which scared her just as much as she had scared me, if not more!

so now I get on to my computer to do work, and find that I'm on a dolling HIGH!! mostly fueled by my uber late discovery of all the new beautiful beautiful miini bases by niina...


MUST do my contest entry for her!!!

but what the WEIRDEST thing is now I'm TOTALLY ravenous!! like I basically sculled my hot milo, and then got another, and I've basically hoovered my spicy chunky minestrne soup!!

what up with me??! it's like I've taken some over exertion drugs or something!!


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